' Judicial Coup '

Connect the dots then u will understand hii ni korti bandia as Jakuon says it evidence iko attached UOTP brigade mjue mtanasa meffi tu

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I await the SC full judgement, the take of the other Justices and I’m sure this is just the beginning.


weka picha vizuri,noogle!

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look at Wako



Fisi kuruka.

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Yaani haya yote yamefanywa,kupangwa na hakuna mmoja kati ya wana Jubilee waliiiona.Moses Kuria posted something to the effect that Orengo already has the judgement copy with him,how true is that?


What I am worried about is the incest going on in the civil society. Makau is in the board of KHRC, and now IDLO and Kiai is in the KHRC board and Africog board and Githongo is… and Otieno is… Wanazungukanaa


Mutunga worked for the Ford Foundation too. Na hatukusikia kelele. UOTP.


Weka picha vizuri… Kesho haiko mbali.

Nasa railaaaw!

Civil society can only be good if they are aiding to make positive transformation, in Africa they are often used to pervert nations that seek more self-determination.

There are those among us who were once “Kings of Egypt”, someone has successfully persuaded then that they need to be journeying to a certain canaan instead of seeking back their kingship.


It seems there is a lot of disagreements among the five judges which is spilling over to the other judges in the other courts. Tip of the iceberg. Tungojee kesho

Seriously? You have to be stupid if you really believe IEBC conducted the election according to the constitution.

A Uhuru Kenyatta presidency is in the best interest of USA. Mostly maybe due to the East German links/Marxist connections of Raila. Your opinion?

Marxist theories and practices ended with the collapse of the Cold War. You are 25+ years behind.


Wacha tuone as it unfolds

Kwani kazi ya NIS ni ipi? These matters are serious. This is the most serious challenge Kenya has faced since independence.
Before independence, we had nationalists on one side versus homeguards on the other side.

Current nationalists are on the Uhuru/Ruto/Jubilee side.
Current homeguards are on the odm/raila/ngos side. This side also has sarah, kiai, mutua, kegoro, ndii, gladwell and many other shadowy characters.

I think the mistake intelligence services in Kenya made is to think elections would be only about Uhuru and Raila, with the latter as the main challenger. Yes, on the surface he is the main challenger, but behind him is a massive force with great financial muscle and international connections.

If I was policy maker in Kenya with access to the leaders, I would recommend the following, if we are to protect Kenya from becoming a failed state:

  • If any foreign donor has a cosy relationship with any of the ngo persons I’ve mentioned above, then it should never be allowed to have any unsupervised presence in Kenya. Going forward, funding for all ngos must be studied, not only the direct donor, but other dealings/associations about that donor. This is not difficult since most of this information is already online. If there’s anything suspicious about the donor, its up to the NIS to check what the ngo is upto, before its too late.

  • Ban all foreign travel (unless with authority of the president), not only of senior civil servants like the current case, but even the senior members of the so-called ’independent commissions’ and including the Judiciary and IEBC. Can you imagine a CJ flying abroad before delivering full judgement in a case that has placed Kenya at a standstill? There was also some unusual travel from senior IEBC official at a very critical time. This independent institutions were given free hand to do what they wish, and they have abused their independence. Time to reign them in.

  • No foreign entity should be allowed to deal directly with any independent commissions plus judiciary, IEBC directly without related CS authority.

If no tough measures are taken right after the repeat election, Kenya will go to the dogs.


Okay.:smiley: But I am unconvinced. This is a man who campaigns using a promise to lower rent meaning he would tamper with private investments. He went to Kajiado and ask them not to sell land?
If this is populist politics that flirts with a bit of socialism, I don’t know:p