Judgement Day

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Naona Maraga akisema the election must be held strictly within 60 days as he had ordered on Sept 1st. Also expect a few heads to roll in IEBC. Lastly, TmT ataambiwa hizo demands zake apeleke mbali

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We know the judgement. We are waiting for the reasons. Then tutapata CCTV footage za meetings of wakora. No matter what, the image of this court will be beyond repair by the end of the year


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Hii judgement ni saa what ?

jibuni i swali haraka


Hio kesi ya ngo Hio part ya telephone data haziwezi kuwa admissible in court since zilipatwa illegally so no case .


Ngapi, pin this thread. Mistrusts and suspicions in the judiciary have taken over

how do you know it was illegally obtained? May be they got some order from a magistrate. There is also freedom of information

When did they get it?

hii ‘kudeal na nyinyi’ imeanza mapema i see…that is why i always say hakuna democracy africa

Actually since the Judiciary started governing itself, corruption at the bench is an all time high especially at the commercial court. JSC which was meant to govern them has failed. The CJ assumes all is well, the LSK seeks only to protect its “favoured” judges and whenever AG raises issues on some conduct of Judges the answer is that Judiciary is independent. CJ and deputy CJ can open another bank account to channel “donor” funds and single source projects just to deal with an expected Presidential petition!!! Wouldn’t it make sense to use the same funds to better equip the current commercial courts countrywide so that cases there take days or weeks instead of years?


I am just guessing. But what I find reckless is if these allegations are true. How could they meet in a hospital or in a residential apartments? Didn’t they have homes?

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All media houses except The Nation are covering this scandal.


Kuna tofauti ya illegally obtained and actually being true…kama ni ukweli apana tambua illegally obtain maneno…


Soon they will consume themselves and the exposure will be unimaginable

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Maybe it was a chance encounter, not a meeting. I mean, nikienda hosi kuona patient, and you are there for the same reason, then tukutane kwa parking, shouldnt we say Hi to each other just because we have a case at SC?


They are afraid lest Orengo strikes.


By the way, who announced that today is the judgement day?