Jubilee sycophants threads are becoming to many for me to fathom.

What happent to the diversity of political inclination that used to exist back in the days of Kenyalost?

A majority of the threads here are of Shiny eyes mentality that ever believe uthamakology belongs to them till eternity.

The other tribes are bitter, we are a bitter with your mediocre sycophancy.

just ignore the thread

Let guys gloat


they assume everybody else is absent. they are having a good time reinforcing each others sycophancy into a delirium that they will take very long to recover from.

Let us gloat kidogo, before a surprise catches us pants down.

here’s an idea. WHY are you following them?

Is it safe to come out…?


Ni kawaida ya Nasarites, au sio? Hawawezi kupenda whatever Jubiants do. Hata kama tungekua tunalia bado wataona tukilia vibaya!

You mad bro? :D:D:D

That is the thing you guys do not understand all this time. Jubilee has the numbers and we are the foot soldiers but you believe whatever Raila says.
Always remember that you lost elections at voter registration.



You would better direct that bitterness to your English teacher…

He/She Lied to you “T” and “D” are one and the same thing…

And for that reason; it will be hard for you to fathom what’s about to Happent again

Hata salimia watu. Umekuja hapa na hasira. We enda tafta pesa kama raila na uhuru hawatakujenga katender…

Ata wewe kwenda huko. You have made this point from a subjective perspective as well. So why single out shiny eyes alone?

Better Jubilants…thuraku…have mediocre sycophancy kuliko ile ingine tumeona. Mtu anaenda uchi wa mnyama juu ameambiwa. Sijui hiyo utaita sycophancy maximus-prime. We’re okay with our “mediocrity”…