Jubilee should call his supporters to boycott Nation media group

Their editorial is clearly saying that the constitution should not be followed:

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Uncertainty has enveloped the country in the final days to the fresh presidential elections.

Multiple court battles, street demonstrations and legal amendments have all combined to cast a dark shadow over the forthcoming repeat elections.

Questions are being asked about whether the elections will take place, and, if they do, will they be legitimate and credible?

On the spot is the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), which has the arduous task of steering the country through this muddle.

On paper, the commission has determined that all eight candidates who were nominated in May and participated in the August elections will be put on the ballot for the re-run.

But already a spanner has been thrown in the works. A petitioner has gone to court to challenge that position.


Thirdway Alliance leader and presidential candidate Ekuru Aukot, who won a court case against IEBC to be included in the polls, has also rejected the plan.

Quite significantly, the withdrawal of National Super Alliance candidates Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka has not been dealt with conclusively. Yet, it is a matter that cannot be wished away so easily inasmuch as it is their right to bolt out.

On Friday, IEBC gazetted the returning officers and their deputies and spelt out procedures and procedures for transmission of results ostensibly in compliance to the directive of the Supreme Court.

But the concern still remains that there are other equally substantive changes it ought to have effected, within the limited time, to demonstrate commitment to delivery of quality and believable elections.


The impasse over the forthcoming elections is not only legal and administrative but also political. The politics of it starts with mistrust among the players, the prevailing environment for conducting campaigns, its financing and deployment of State agencies and resources.

IEBC is expected to provide leadership in all these. It needs to reach out, through which ever means, and get the political parties to the table to chart out the way forward and avert costly fall-outs.

For whatever it takes, there must be an all-inclusive dialogue over the polls. It would be vacuous to go to the elections just because the Supreme Court and the Constitution decreed.

It wasn’t vacuous when the Supreme Court annulled the 8/8 election??? Now it’s vacuous because Baba wants nusu mkate???

For days, this editorial kept mocking jubilee that they should accept supreme court decision as they accepted that of 2013. Does this editor know what he or she has writing or they think people are that stupid? They are clinging to some petitioner appealing inclusion of other candidates so that what they wish for can happen.

We’re already loking stupid enough to the world with our illegitimately nullified elections that cost 13 billion, and many more on the eay if JaKuon continies to set the agenda.

Nothing is wrong with oir constitution. Those that seek to defy it or deformnit for personal reasons are wrong.

Vacuous? Hiyo ni nini…

Tukutane kwa debe.

But the concern still remains that there are other equally substantive changes it ought to have effected, within the limited time, to demonstrate commitment to delivery of quality and believable elections.

By stating this, it simply shows they support dismantling of IEBC so that elections do not take place. That include removing Chiloba, the two nothern kenya commsioners and the other staff named by nasa, who coincidentally, have kalenjin or gema sounding names. It also means Safcom should not transmit results and OT-Morpho should not provide technical services. The question is, who is raising concern?

It has dawned on them that even if a whole constituency refuses to vote provided voting materials were provided, that will not invalidate the election because voting is not mandatory in Kenya.

Nah… don’t boycott anything. There’s a multitude of actors such as churches, “elders” (Atwoli), comedians (one-brain-cell Miguna), jokers (Aukot), etc. who have all suddenly become constitutional law experts.

At the end of the day, the constitution is the msema kweli. You stick to that and you’ll be fine. By the way, some of these guys are louding just for the publicity value, Aukot being far and away the luckiest ‘son-of-a-gun’ in Kenya.

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Down with NMG! Few people in Central Kenya read newspapers anyway. And they listen to Kameme and Inooro and watch the myriad Kikuyu TV channels on offer. Upuzi wapelekee watu wa Kisumu.

Idiot Jubilee sio gender or something like you describe with hii orr chii… He/she
We are just Jubilees… Rulers of the Kenya you grow matoke and tea.

Although tunaaomba sirikali ishukishe bei Ya mawe darugo na simiti ndio tuwache kulipa rent

Tutajenga na mavi ya ngombe na matope halafu tuweke dstv juu ya mabati kama watu aa kondele.

Hapo sasa

Tukutane kwa debe

whoever takes ntv/nation newspaper, cord tv, ktn/standard newspaper seriously is an idiot.

i think the author echoed the space in his head.

Gazeti ni ya kufunga nyama, more so now that plastic bags have been banned

inooro and kameme ni scum ya media

Ety Jubilee should call for what? If you feel the Newspaper is partisan why don’t you just stop buying it ama lazima Uhuru aseme?

Son I had a great night as we celebrated your birthday 23 years ago. Don’t spoil it. HBD!