Jubilee Plan To Remove Judges Mwilu And Lenaola Crumbles

Angaza Empowerment Network, a lobby group whose purported executive officer petitioned for the removal of two Supreme Court judges, has disassociated itself from the case.

Derrick Ngumu on Monday petitioned the Judicial Service Commission to dismiss Justice Isaac Lenaola and Deputy Chief Justice Phenomena Mwilu for gross misconduct.

Ngumu also appealed to have the ruling nullifying President Uhuru Kenyatta’s election overturned.

The group has said Ngumu is the organisation’s chair.

But four of AEN’s directors said they did not instruct Ngumu to file a petition.

AEN which has five directors, Ngumu being one of them, said he is not involved in day-to-day running of the organisation.

Livingstone Nyando, the network’s executive director said for a decision of such magnitude to be reached, a board meeting must be organised and tha the majority decision would prevail.

“In this case, at least three of the directors must admit to the proposal before ratification. No board meeting was held for that matter, he said.

Speaking at their offices in Mombasa, Nyando said there no minutes of such meeting.

The group is writing to JSC to remove AEN from the petition.

Nyando said they are apolitical and impartial and will not tolerate behaviour that will taint their reputation.

We are an independent non-partisan organisation that does not support either side of the political divide, he said.

Noting Ngumu may not stop pursuing his petition, they said any resultant effects, if negative, will squarely be blamed on him.

The decision to file the petition rests squarely on the individual who filed it and should not be misconstrued to be Angaza’s decision, he said.

Director Joseph Otieno said Ngumu failed to give them satisfactory answers as to why he drag the organisation’s name.

Angaza has planned a directors’ meeting to be held next week and disciplinary action will be proposed against Ngumu.

Our name should not be misused for political wars, we are neutral, Otieno said.

AEN’s other directors are Wambui Mutugi who acts as the administrator and Ronald Omondi, the programmes director.

And it had to be a…

This is what I don’t get about the way people reason. This guy submitted the petition as a person, as an individual. There is no place it was said that the company submitted a peition. Ni kama kusema bob conmemore akipeleka petition ati Safaricom ndio ilipeleka petition. Let us stop winning ghost victories.

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Man you are full of bullcrap!Was the petitioner Derrick Ngumu or Angaza Empowerment blah blah…