Jubilee, let's celebrate, mole imeleft

Finally ile mole ya NASA imeamua kuleft! Now we have an incredible team of commissioners ready to deliver a credible election!! 26th baba aende kuuza mandazi kibera he he he he!!


26th ni maandamano

republic of kibera and kisumu pekee

Sorry, but as a supporter and more importantly, a Kenyan, I will only celebrate when I am guaranteed that there will not be a civil war beginning on 26th and normalcy/sanity is restored. Till then, we sit on this seat waiting for see if shit comes ama ni tu mshuto inasumbua.[ATTACH=full]133302[/ATTACH]

Jerryduthiz tulia.

Nayo 20th ni nini kwa wana NASA…??

i hate this creature honestly. can you stop posting this demon …shait . it has a creepy face and look

Cheeky bunny

Hehe… very sinister. Bad intentions all over its body language.
See how hes carefull to conceal its groin area even as it scoots to the side on that seat. Plus the unblinking eyes and grin. Very creppy.
Its like some molestation shit is about to go down it that toilet stall. Who is being invited to the toilet seat btw?

Too creepy brother. I get house bumps every time I see this specific moving stuffed animal. Especially this one.

Wa TZ walikataa haga yako niinii?