Jubilee Insurance

Wadau,is it all Insurance companies who takes one round in circles or is it specifically Jubilee insurance?..2 weeks ago a matatu damaged my headlight and scratched my front bumper (see attached photos),since then I am being tossed around despite having a abstract and even after getting an assessment report that will give me an amount to replace the headlight,getting the cheque is proving to be a mountain to climb.But tutafinyana nao tu…I have to endure almost 3 more weeks driving with one light,Insurance companies I have noticed float around the EXCESS bullshit to avoid paying…Whats your experience with Insurance companies and paying claims?

Never repair the car yourself. Give it to them.

Those bonobos are very stupid especially those indians at the top, took me round circles for six months

Jubilee insurance are conmen and thieves

Toyota mofos dogs tulisema muwache kutusumbua na non-issues

Let people with real cars discuss cars

Watu wa toys ngojeni siku ya games

You did not read your Policy document to know that there is excess payable for each and every claim :-2.5% minimum Ks.20,000?
Your demio appears to have a headlight whose cost is not more than 20K. Ata ufanye nini, if its below excess, you pay for yourself na ndio ujeuri uishe. Always asses the extent of your loss on the road after accident so that if its not more than 2.5% of the value of vehicle or above 20k, mnamaliziana kwa barabara. Im sure the matatu guys tricked you into claiming from insurance knowing very well the excess threshold hasnt been met.

Na ujuaji ya kuwa direct client ndio hiyo. Fuata mpaka uchoke, or use an agent next time.

Insurance ni wezi… na wewe ni one of them… Kwanza insurance ni haram

Ignorance coupled with Dogma. Lakini ujuaji ndio mmezidisha. I’m not in insurance but Ive had many experiences enough to let me know that i need expert advice, sio ujuaji ya insurance and you dont know the details or fine print.
But what would a bottom feeder bonobo know?[ATTACH=full]358595[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]358595[/ATTACH]

Its a Toyota Auris not a demio…That headlight goes for 50K…my excess was 27K

You are Talking like those Insurance fuckers…am sure if you were my agent tungesumbuana sana

As another has pointed out, it’s better to go through an insurance broker/agent rather than be a direct client of the insurance company. Because they bring more business to the company their claims are processed more quickly with much less hassle to you

Present all the facts here for Elders to review. I’ve noticed people usually leave out the critical facts in such online anecdotes. Having worked in an insurance company before, i know the threshold for an insurance company to decline a claim is usually very high and besides they always give a valid reason for declining a claim.

Nunua gari ya maana uwache kutusi watu.

They haven’t declined my claim,The assessment guys gave a report and the amount for repairs,the problem is the disbursement of the funds so that I can repair the car…am given the “Signatory moja hajasign crap” all the time.

Wadau, which motor insurance company pays without taking one around in circles?

Kwani ni gani hii iso ya maana

Mwanzo wewe @Rene Descartes jina lako la kike hivi… mashoga @T.Vercetti @uwesmake wakiicheki mcoosh inatwitch in expectation and excitement

Sijawahi kuheshimu hataaaaaaaa… heri mavi yangu

The insurer usually pays a garage in their panel that you took the vehicle to directly for repairs if it is a valid claim. The alternative is a initial part payment; cash-in-lieu of repairs so that you repair the car at your preferred garage. In such cases the final amount is settled after the insurance company assessor are sarisfied that repairs wete done as per their initial assesment report.
Approvals for payments are system generated especially in this Covid times. You are not telling the complete story

  1. You want the insurance company to buy you a brand new headlight when your headlight was over 8 years old?
  2. That headlight amount has been inflated.
  3. You are so much in a hurry and their are over 20,000 people in front of you

Lakini spelling yangu is always on point.