Jubilee government is still strong

There has been a lot of noise lately that Kenya is on fire.
It’s just that. Kelele.
Sure we Kenyans have challenges. But those challenges are not caused by the Jubilee government. They existed before this government.
Is Jubilee government working to fix these problems? Yes. Everyday.
Believing what these foreign funded civil society members say about our government is the last thing Kenyans should do.
The clan of civil society and the perpetual failure (read Ojinga) are the biggest obstacle to Kenya’s progress. And we’re still making progress. We’re making progress.

Because I support my government?So being a patriot is being a puppet? I think I’m better than those supporting Cordshabaab.

Umesahau kuongezea magazeti ya nyama

Your name betrays u!
Keep off politics and u will have a healthier life.

It was just a matter of time.


Hehe that’s right. Daily Nation has no credibility

And the west

No. The west works through the civil society. You need to pay attention. Donge?

I am glad that in this forum finally guys are seeing through the politicians and beyond tribal affiliation… Ingekua klist ungeona hyenas raos photos from ndauwos retarded gang and vice versa…

being a patriot does not entail supporting anything that the govt. does even if it is detrimental for future generations, going by the arguments that opposing some government policies is being unpatriotic, we can as well say those who opposed Moi were unpatriotic, the young Sankara was also unpatriotic while the person that killed him was patriotic, sometimes its better to look at the government’s undoings with a neutral eye even if you voted for it. That is the only way to ensure your kids get a better life even when you are long gone


This place has little freedom because there are many who would like to portray Ojinga as they see him - a hyena foaming at the mouth. But that doesn’t mean we cannot criticise him. And criticise we will


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Don’t forget to show us you know how to read and write. Make your uncle Fred Gumo proud that his clan has a literate one :smiley:

Whatever the government does I don’t care as long as they don’t put a meal on my table…to hell with politics

That aside, when are the arks coming? We need Noah to bring them before all jupilee supporters drown in floods :p:p

I’m not drowning. Not waiting for serikali saidia either. I can’t say the same for Cordoshians


Hehehe don’t be a cry baby. But then again your education level is that of a baby.

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What’s your say about mwananchi not enjoying the full effects of the decrease in global oil prices?

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is that researched information or is it gossip and subjective feelings?

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