Jubilee Development - Update on Kshs 19.5 Billion-172 Kms Isebania-Kisii-Ahero Road Rehabilitation


The Isebania-Mukuyu-Kisii-Ahero Road project is approximately 172 kilometres and it traverses four counties; Migori, Kisii, Homa Bay and Kisumu. The project construction started in 2015 and starts at Ahero junction on B1 road. It then moves in a southerly direction via Katito, Onyuongo, and Nyabondo to Sondu. At Sondu it takes a south westerly direction via Kabondo, Ringa, Ober to Oyugis where it meets C26. From Oyugis it moves in a southerly direction via Mosocho and Nyamataro where it meets B3 road within Kisii town where it changes direction and moves in a south westerly direction via Suneka, Gesonso, Gasero, Kamagambo, Rongo, Ranen, Awendo, Uriri, Kakrao near Mukuyu, Migori and terminates at the Isebania border (Sirare). The major market/town centres traversed in the southerly direction include Ahero, Awach, Katito, Onywongo, Sondu, Chabera, Kadongo in Kabondo-Kasipur, Ringa, Oyugis, Mosocho, Nyakoe, Kisii, Suneka, Kamagambo, Rongo, Gucha, Ranen, Sare (Awendo), Uriri, Kakrao(Mukuyu), Migori, Isebania and Nyabikaye.

The project road condition has deteriorated over the years due to increasing transit traffic on the road. Currently, the road carriageway width measures 4-5m wide, and increasingly is becoming a major constraint for the main economic activities within the Lake Victoria basin. Traffic accidents have increased due to the narrow and heavily potholed road condition. Most regional public transport vehicles have diverted away from this route leading to limited transport service to the populations served directly by the highway. It now requires a much stronger pavement and improved geometric features.

The rehabilitation of the Isebania-Kisii-Ahero (172km) section of the Tanzania-Kenya-South Sudan Corridor will facilitate cross border movement of passengers and freight, and further enhance access to regional markets, and to social and economic centers as a result of the additional upgrading of the 75km of feeder roads contiguous with the main trunk road linking the project road with markets, social and administrative centers such as the: Oyugis-Kendu Bay road (19.5km), Nyachenge-Tabaka Ogembo road (15km), Sondu-Nyabondo road (6km), Oyugis-Gamba road (7km), Suneka-Rangwe road (18km), and Misambi-Ekerenyo road (11km). The road improvement project will entail 5m wide service roads on both sides of the road at major trading centers along the project corridor to enhance accessibility to businesses. The improved road geometrics and enhanced pavement structure will go a long way in raising the level of service for the transit traffic.

The construction of bus terminals complete with market stalls at Oyugis and Migori and roadside markets at Katito, Sondu, Chabera, Kadongo, Mosocho, Nyachenge and Ranen, which are aimed at separating local traffic from the transit traffic on the main trunk road thereby maintaining acceptable level of service for long distance traffic besides improving road safety for many roadside traders most of which are women. Other components under the project include: establishment of Roadside Traffic Crash Trauma and Injury Recovery Centre at Nyabondo hospital consisting of: a new surgical unit, medical emergency equipment, including provision of five (5) ambulances, post-crash counseling unit, and water supply points at Nyabondo hospital and to the surrounding community.
Accordingly, and in order to address this situation, the project road has been identified in the Country Strategy Paper (CSP 2013-2017) as priority for development. In addition, the Project is well aligned with the regional infrastructure strategic pillar of the East African Regional Integration Strategy Paper (RISP) (2013-2015), focusing on Regional Transportation/Trade Facilitation Infrastructure. Indeed the EAC Master Plan for Transport (2012) has identified the Isebania-Kisii-Ahero road links as one of the key economic corridors (Corridor No.3) requiring urgent attention, hence the need to expand capacity of this highway link. This is expected to promote seamless connectivity within the EAC region at large.

The proposed project includes improvement of feeder roads linking the project road with lower rural road network so as to foster networks connectivity. The project road intersects major classified roads at Ahero (B1), Sondu (C25), Oyugis (C18, C26 and D220), Suneka (D215), Rongo (C20), Awendo (D202) among others.

Completed sections of Masara - Suna - Kehancha (B1) Road approx 47 Km & Awendo - Mariwa Road approx 20 Km @MigoriCountyGov


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