Jubilee Development - Second Nyali Bridge renders and scope are out for PPP Tender

First, as I predicted this second nyali bridge construction will take come first before Nyali bridge. This is because of the ongoing construction of the 6 lane Mariakani to Mombasa CBD construction. A second bridge is needed to handle the increased capacity of the widen road. Likoni Bridge tender will be announced later in Q4.

The Government of the Republic of Kenya, through the Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development represented by Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) invites sealed applications from competent local and international firms or consortia to Pre-Qualify and Bid to design, finance, construct, operate, maintain and transfer the 2nd Nyali Bridge, in Mombasa County and related roads under Public Private Partnership arrangement. The scope of the Project consists of a new 600m bridge between Mombasa Island and the Mombasa North Coast Mainland, new bridge approach roads (0.4km) and a new road at Kongowea (1.3km); and expansion of Abdel Nasser Road (0.6km) and Links Road (4.4km), together with related road interchanges.



Hurry, we are getting a beautiful landmark suspension bridge in Mombasa.

[ATTACH=full]122762[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]122763[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]122764[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]122765[/ATTACH]
Courtesy of Skyscrapercity Kenya


This is awesome!


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There was a hotel (not sure if it was Tamarind) that was built on the proposed second route out of the island. Will it be demolished?

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I think that was on Likoni Bridge site ama nimekosea. @Meria Mata confirm.

Hapana, ni hio tu ya second Nyali, it was in the news sometime back.


OK, it must have been resolved or we wouldn’t even be in this process now. In the tender submission brief, their is no mention of land acquisition and the scope of work including render is out and on scale.

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Tamarind is EXACTLY where the Old Nyali Bridge was. I wonder what will happen. There is no hotel near Likoni Channel. Oceanic and Florida are too far.

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In my opinion, a bridge linking Junda in North Coast to Changamwe makes more sense. A second Nyali Bridge only adds Congestion to the Island and adds more pressure on Kibarani. Linking Changamwe to Junda would mean a person from North Coast would bypass the Island completely.It would also open up that part of Mombasa, which usually looks like Rural Kilifi rather than it being part of the city.


WOW!! Kenya yasonga mbele tu.

Dongo Kungu and Mombasa South Bypass road construction are to address those issues. What remains is the Malindi-Lunga Lunga border superhighway which will link Lamu to Dar and all the coastal towns. With that comes the Likoni Bridge to handle that traffic for those going to island. Those who are not will join the access road from Mtwapa to the Bypass road and avoid island all together.


Clearly, you are not from Mombasa.
Dongo Kundu and Mombasa South Bypass link Changamwe to Likoni which is South Coast.
I am talking about linking Changamwe to Junda in North Coast!!
Instead of a person leaving the airport, which is in Changamwe having to pass through Mombasa Island in order to go to North Coast via Nyali Bridge, they would cross from Changamwe itself to Junda which is in North Coast, thus bypassing the very congested Kibarani area.

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Yes I’m not, I’m also no resident on 99% of other areas I report about here. I started of with Dongo Kungu because they are all interconnected. Dongo Kungu is in the south, phase 1 which is 60% complete covers predominantly that area. However phase 2 which has been advitised connects it with the Mariakani to Mombasa CBD 6 lane highway by a interchange around the port reitz area. I further explained that with the Malindi- Lunga lungs road superhighway there is a link road from Mtwapa to that interchange completing a link between north and south coast at the mainland.


That would link Kilifi and Kwale. Not Mombasa’s West and North Coast. It does nothing to end congestion within the city itself, especially at Kibarani . That is like claiming the Greater Eastern Bypass would do the same purpose as Outer Ring Road.

will read / comment once i settle down.

Likoni pengine wachimbe tunnel kama itawezekana.Hii story ya bridge sidhani kama itafanyika hivi karibuni