Jubilee Development - Rehabilitation of Rukwa, Manyanja & Lunga Lunga Road in Eastlands Nairobi City County

@KURAroads has continued to improve roads in Nairobi Eastlands under the Regeneration Programme @Ma3Route @JamesMacharia_ @TransportKE #Rukwaroad #Manyanjaroad #LungaLungaRoad https://t.co/TyoytwXB8t


What is with Kenya and open drainages???Especially in low income areas??They become instant garbage dumping spots and are not safe especially at night in a city with faulty street lights.

It’s a leftover British mentality.

Around the same time, the British were colonizing Africa is the same time they were building modern sewers in London. Before that they used open ditches.

Paris built underground sewers centuries long before London got hers…

Maintance wise they are better than culverts fed via gulley pots