Jubilee Development - President Uhuru opens Rivatex E.Africa new ultra modern Textile production plant in Eldoret, Uasin Gishu County

The plant will create 4000 direct jobs in Uasin Gishu county and produce various cloths for the security services, civil service and export market.


President Uhuru Kenyatta arrives in Eldoret, Uasin Gishu County for the official commissioning of the Ultra-Modern Rivatex East Africa Limited Textile Production Plant and the Moi University Technologies Digital Assembly Plant @WilliamsRuto | #KenyaMbele https://t.co/9IXI2xY3gn

So Moi Uni imesukumwa to digital technologies production? Wamesaidia sana. Those heavy equipment would be rusted and obsolete if they hadn’t taken over after the initial collapse. Sasa folks around the place are very thankful. Moi had only built the Tarmac to the plant in 1990 and invited Helmut Koln and lied to him that lami inaendelea tu the interior kumbe it was only for another 100m. Now the road is tarmacked from there through Nandi county na inatokea Kach county. Iko tena bypass crossing the same tarmac. Halafu hii expansion. I hope the rest of the country inaweza saidika hivi

Yes this is the way to go.

India gave us 1 billion worth of equipment to modernize this textile plant. Another 1 billion will go to plant cotton for the plant. Sasa farmers who go to AFC in July will find interest free loans they can apply to grow cotton in their farms.

The shirt President Uhuru wore today was made in Rivatex and more such high quality 100% cotton shirts will be manufactured here.

Then the last few weeks Jubilee Party leaders have really done well to take back the narrative. The moderates in State house, OP in office of the President, Majority leaders, Chief whips, Speakers, President office annex and DP Uncle Ruto office. The end result is to been seen. Positivity everywhere. I know what has been said, decided and reaffirmed. Mtajionea wenyewe. Kwanza after this public events when the small meetings are done over meals. Lucky are those who have confirmed plans this weekend on Tanga Tanga movement 47 county visits. Lastly the speeches were great and warm. Led by Sudi, he literary charmed and respected President Uhuru. Lazima ataonwa kando. Gov Mandago may not be everyone’s favourite but he is a great host, administer and mature leader. His rival needs to learn a lot from him. A great trip, many projects and jobs for the people. That’s what Jubilee is, development first then favour.

This is very good, moi was instrumental in bringing all these institutions down.
I pray that this is a new beginning

I hope cartels won’t find their way into the AFC mkulima aanze kuumia tena

This is like setting them up for failure in future. Nobody in this world uses Indian equipment for production; not even serious Indians.They should stick to quality Italian machinery or other such sources.

Moi University Laptop Assembly line

I applaud Moi University for establishing a Laptop Assembly Line and also creating an industrial linkage, which is an important component in addressing the skills and capacity gaps in the ICT Manufacturing Industry. @ICTAuthorityKE @IndustryKE @maina_betty @MoICTKenya https://twitter.com/PDUDelivery/status/1142063710460100610/photo/1


Siku hizi ukianza karata, unashikwa na kujitetea mwenyewe.

Meanwhile I’m glad that the tablets that KNBS will used are made locally in Eldoret. Unlike Kibicho giving that blacklisted French company the contract. This was done locally so that it wouldn’t be used as a propaganda tool of misinformation. KNBS have been planning this census broadly for the last few years and every decision took a consensus of all stakeholders. I’m glad to have been a small part of the work done so far by the great team there.

KNBS Board members and a section of the top management at Moi University in Eldoret. The university has been identified to manufacture gadgets to be used during the Census that’s coming up in August 24th/25th #KenyaCensus2019 https://twitter.com/KNBStats/status/1142000653922947073/photo/1

Mzito @gashwin ni yupi hapa?

In his defence he is Mzee Kijana.

Wapi picha za stadium.

Walisema wata weka recording studios…