Jubilee Development - Opening various school facilities in West Pokot County

The security and wellbeing of the people is paramount and a key ingredient of powering development. Increased security personnel; supporting community peace initiatives; intelligence sharing and enhanced surveillance are key interventions, which will promote a favourable business climate, attract investors and foster sustainable development.

With wananchi after opening a multi-purpose hall for Tamkal Secondary School and the community, Tamkal, Sigor, West Pokot County.

can’t these assholes just do things under the radar? ni lazma watangaze to build credibility? anyway come next year and the school will turn into a ramshackle institution,hii ni kenya,anything goes

Education serves as a tool for empowerment of young people; equips youth with contemporary skills to compete and earn a decent living; enhances equity and is a key plank of national development. To realise this, we are building a functioning education infrastructure and investing in quality learning.

Opened infrastructure projects in St Francis Primary and Secondary School for the Blind and Kapenguria Boys Secondary School, Kapenguria, West Pokot County.

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