Jubilee Development - Olkaria V unit 1 successfully add 86.6MW into the national power grid.

KenGen is pleased to announce successful synchronization of #OlkariaV unit 1 to the national grid on Friday 26th July.
The unit achieved the design full load of 86.6 MW at 1720 hrs on Saturday 27th which is above the rated capacity of 82.7 MW. #EnergyForTheNation https://t.co/iRENXb3mKn


The question still remains, when is the price of power coming down? Hizi zingine ni hekaya.


That depends entirely on President Uhuru. Will he renew nyayo diesel power generation plants or will the dynasties continue to eat at our expense for some more decades.
Our power remains expensive because of these diesel plants that charge us as high as 24 cents while geothermal cost 9 cents. We also pay in dollar to them plus the costs of currency fluctuations thanks to former AG wako who drafted this iron clad contract to please Nyayo and dynasties.

Kipevu 1 & 3 belong to KENGEN. They are being converted to gas turbines at 14 cents which is much cheaper and will remain as emergency power generators only. Embakasi gas turbines are also KenGen and they too are emergency power generators to be used when the hydro dams water levels go down or their is a national power blackout.

Tsavo belongs to Aga Khan.

Iberafrica belong to Nyayo and Biwott

Rabai belongs to wanjigi.

Thika power belongs to Gov Murungi

Athi River and Triumph have links to members of the defunct Mt. Kenya mafia who got their licences in the last days of former President Kibaki term. Operations started years later.

It has been stated here that in 254, we have an oversupply of electricity (kitu 500+ MW). Why?

We don’t have an oversupply, we have excess capacity which is completely different from what you mean and which is used as Reserve capacity.

those diesel plants are given on average 20 year contracts, that seems long, any specific reason that is the case - I would assume they would be very short term contracts to cover periods especially when there is drought

In short, we can store much of it. Okay, then why do we have blackouts? In addition, do you think that there are still more areas, institutions or consumers who are not yet connected?

Mostly they contracts are signed in the last days at state house. Nyayo made sure this, de la rue contracts among others were signed. former President Kibaki signed for greenfield airport and Konza. Each time the next administration has issues on how to implement them as it finds a lot of backdoor favours in the projects implementation. Greenfield airport terminal had no contract passed by cabinet or ministry but was signed by MD KAA without the board input or approval and they were paid 2 billion. Konza city was a government project but in 2013 it had no legal document in government. None. They had to draft a Konza city development authority l bill, present it to parliament, pass approvals and consented by President Uhuru to become law and legal body. In 2015 its when it was now to get its own budget. De LA Rue contract suffered 10 years if legal battles until it become clear government can’t win against another iron clad special contract from wako. They had to sit down and arbitrate. That’s how government got 40% shareholding to be a partner to end the legal battles. I fear Nyayo has shares by proxy.

Boss you know so much. You are basically a walking encyclopedia on Kenyan affairs

Huyo ni state agent.

Not store, demand is the word. Blackouts are due to inefficient and low transmission/distribution capacity.

I don’t want the power price to go down. I want the price to just maintain .