Jubilee Development - NHC Olympic View Kibera

NHC Olympic View Kibera(Mixed Development) is now readily available.Located off the Kibera Drive and only 15 minutes from Nairobi CBD,the units entail:excellent interior finishing,good internet infrastructure,ample parking space and cabro paved driveways.


The finishes are basic and horrible. The interior looks like college hostels

Open for public or akina Kenyarra are busy dishing them out to their relatives?

upuss. tunataka stadiums zenye your uncle loot_all promised.

Someone tag hii nugu spear coz huwa imeniblock

Si hizi zilipata wenyewe kitaaaambo sana! ata kabla zichorwe

ziko better than slums…I know sisi peasants pekee ndo tunaezarelate

Ask PS hinga to explain to you that gaming lottery he says will lead to fair allocation. I for one celebrate it was done well, completed and mostly because its Kibera. Now do the same or much better for the whole slum.

This is good…

I hope manufacturing and assembly plants are followings suit… People need jobs… Then food… Then they need housing… We don’t need stadiums for now… Zile ziko zime tosha…

What do you mean because it’s kibera? Are you suggesting the whole of kibera is a slum! Or kibera should be looked at as a low place?
That area where the project has been developed is not considered slum, but it isn’t upmarket of course.
The houses in Olympic, ayany, karanja, and Fort Jesus, were designed same to the ones in langata otiende area. They were middle class back in the day but got drowned by the slum and vibandas.

Its my strong opinion that this housing agenda has its priority wrong. Government has an offer of $1 billion from UN habitat for social housing project. That’s is entirely to upgrade Nairobi slums from shanties to highrise apartment’s. The design concepts is to have 10 storey structures in one place with adequate light, green spaces fenced off in a cluster that has good roads and amenities. The other area is divided into three, 1 is a green park around the dam which is to be rehabilitated for recreation and playing area. The other is for social space like schools, hospitals, TTI’s, police station, orphanage, rescue homes etc. The last is a light industry, commercial space for shops and light industry to absorb at least 33%-50% of the adult working class in the area. That can completely transform kibera to prosperity and is very doable in 18-22 months. The firms bidding are Chinese, South Korean and Singapore firms which have done more challenging builds at a shorter time. However naona focus is on middle class where middle class is because from there they can get something. That’s how you find PS hinga lecturing everyone to give 1.5% of their income to participate in a lottery to qualify for a house where government will want you to live.

I like the idea but my only question is, is this going to be done after sorting out the nubian land issue or is the land separate from the nubian land?
As you know the president issued a block land title to the nubians a year or so ago.

those tu houses are horrible. kitchen smaller than a toilet. and what is the price of a unit?

ni mimi nasoma vibaya ama some people have shifted from kitchen area to backyard .if u know u know.

The land belongs to Nubians, they have the title, President Uhuru followed the right procedure. Now to build up the area its simple converting community land to government land has a defined procedure by law and constitution. The community will be given a value like 1 billion, that doesn’t mean they get cash payment. NLC will now negotiate for a way to provide that community with value equivalent to that suggested amount. This is not the only place they exist on earth. They can get a hospital, schools, bursaries or apartment units. That’s how NLC on behalf of Lappset is acquiring community land in Isiolo and other areas.

Ahsante kwa information hiyo