Jubilee Development-Launch of 24 months construction of JKIA-Westlands-James Gichuru Express funded, build, operated & maintained by CCCC

President Uhuru Kenyatta, accompanied by First Lady Margaret Kenyatta, commissions construction of the JKIA to Westlands Expressway. The project is part of Government efforts to reduce traffic congestion within the city of Nairobi. https://t.co/535UgLfpgF

The dual elevated road will be a tolled road for express travel. The bottom 3 lane dual road will be free for all users as is currently bit will still be maintained by CCCC. The extra two lanes on each side are service roads to allow exit and entry to the main dual road and they will enhance traffic flow at peak times. The road has provisions for walkways and cycling on either side. CCCC is fully funding this Kshs 59.9 billion project. Election pledge fulfilled.

Good job!!

A good campaigning tool

Jubilee theft

Following public participation the road length was extended. Its now starting from Mlolongo not JKIA up to Jame Gichuru

Most expensive road on the planet…we are fuked

Let’s wait and see if those walking and bike lanes will be constructed.

How much is set for relocation of services and wayleaves? The devil is in the details

Kenia is proving to be a very rich man’s country

you will pay rent to a chinese, pay to use a road build by a chinese, pay to use the airport, pay to enter the railway station. you will not move around nairobi freely without paying chinese people some small small money. colonisation. vile mzee alisema jana, ii kenya imekua nyumba ya malaya

Kwa picha hio ODM center ndio ya handshake ?

Why did they decide to go for a round about at the intersection with James gichuru and red hill and not a proper interchange… @spear This will cause traffic jam bottle neck


there is very little space for interchange, unless you are willing to compensate ABC place being brought down?

Hapo Uhuru atakuwa amepiga mpunga mrefu sana wa Kustaafia mamae,
Kenya will soon be 100% Chinese Owned.

The project document mentioned tolling points . Does this mean GOK will charge use and also levy similar on fuel ?[ATTACH=full]265464[/ATTACH]

Go see an optician please. That is not a roundabout. Its an interchange like the one in Bomas. @shocks will give you its exact name and type.

Hio ni lane ya hawkers,kwani huelewi vitu

They can elevate the interchange then incline it as it approaches the ABC place,besides its not a tall building.Ive seen an example in manila where the interchange is seven storeys high of a building

Like I have explained on the post very clearly.

The 3 lanes dual elevated road and middle road is a private toll road. CCCC is using its own money Kshs 59 billion - $599 million to finance, build, operate(toll) and maintain it. You pay to use it. Government isn’t spending a cent so the issue of fuel levy fees doesn’t arise. The other 3 lanes dual road below is a free public road for all motorists just like the current road presently only better built, wider and will be maintained for free by CCCC. That was government condition to give them this project. Lastly to eliminate traffic jams on the road at peak hours, CCCC is also building an extra dual road on both shoulders to enhance exits and entry. Those service lanes are also free for all motorists. Lastly walkways and cycling lane are on both shoulders. This will not only be the best road in Kenya but the region. For government the fact that its not a loan is the best thing.