Jubilee Development - Karen to Gataka Link Road is complete.

Karen-Gataka Link Road is a great Transformation in our Urban Network. @Ma3Route #kenyamovingforward @TransportKE @universitycoop https://t.co/EWMHUXQIpz

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Is that real tarmac road.Looks very thin as in not thick enough to stand the ends of time

Its not a highway. Its grade C link road common in estates. You can’t spend 200-300 million a kilometer on a road that doesn’t have a lot of traffic and no transit lorries pass there.

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Atleast kuna sidewalks kenyan roads lack those


was to comment about the same.


@Gio njoo hapa ufanye intervals.
Very nice.

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Bw. @spear,

Quality wise, this is not the Shaina standard, and the PR could have waited until the site was cleaner.

:D:D kuwa mpole

OK Sir. However those in Rongai know how terrible this road was so having it tarmacked is a prayer answered. Now let’s await Forest Road to be tarmacked to Ngong and Embulbul.


this will be nice no using matasia kiserian route

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