Jubilee Development - JKIA to Westlands road elevation and expansion by PPP financed by CCCC as a private toll road

Jubilee government 2013 manifesto pledge fulfilled. CCCC will spend Kshs 50 billion of its own funds to build this road after GoK ended its contract with world bank in 2018. This will now be a purely private finance, build, maintain and operate by CCCC. The dual road below will be a free public but still maintained by CCCC for free as part of the package. It has a BRT lane but the jury is still out as to whether that will work in Kenya or not. The middle section will be the express toll road that motorists will pay to cruise fast directly to CBD, museum hill or westlands in 10-15 mins from JKIA airport.
The elevated section from Nyayo stadium to Westlands.

JKIA intersection

General Motors

Capital centre

Haile Selaise

Museum Hill

James Gichuru interchange where the project ends.

All at zero cost to GoK. CCCC have set a 24 months timeline to complete project.

Cheesuus This is breathtaking!

Wacha sasa tungoje Expert engineers wakuje wachambue hii watuambie ni umeffi tupu. Over to you David Ndii.

we have given out our land to foreigners to build roads to rent to us. we are slaves.

Zero cost to Gok aje? The citizens will be taxed directly by china to use the road. How is that zero cost?

@spear chunga Sana vile unatumia that word “free”. Tungoje tuone how that agreement looks like

CCCC and KeNHA are still collecting views and opinion on this road project. For example they have agreed to extend the project to Mlolongo in Athi River to avoid a bottleneck at JKIA interchange. It will now link directly with the ongoing dual road construction project of Athi River to Monza that is ongoing.

Either way its a great deal, from taking world bank loan of Kshs 50 billion to giving CCCC a 25 years lease to build, operate, finance and transfer this project to government for free at their cost. I wish we could do all our development projects like this going forward.

Ati free? Kama SGR yenye tumelipa billions, bado we are treated like shit, Now imajin a road that is 100% funded by the chinese.

I swear mtakamuliwa mabibi na hawa machinku na hakuna kitu mtafanya. We are enslaving ourselves polepole

Shainaman has NEVER done anything for free. Let us not delude ourselves. The renders look very promising all the same.

What if motorists avoid these express toll way due to perceived high charges?
Who will pay for this debt?

There are many investment guarantees companies in China and globally. Let them take those insurance premiums from them. However that’s is the worst case scenario. However many will opt to cruise that’s for sure.

Great design

Si alisema no new projects. Ama niliskia mbaya?

They should start it yesterday.
Mwenye hataki kulipa toll atasumbuana na jam Mombasa road.

People here saying China this China that… if we were to wait for GOK to build it with its own money, we’re looking at a 50 year wait.

:D:D They can eat cake, sio?!


Do you know how toll works.
You can always choose the free road.

Sawa mbirrionea. Ushasema.

Now let us wait and see the implementation of said project. Jubilee projects are completed under budget and run in an excellent corrupt free manner.

Hapo tu next we have outer-ring road as a fine example of Jubilee govt. excellence.

@spear How many entry points from JKIA? Like can you enter the express way at GM or Capital Center?

Hiyo trillion ya SGR ingejenga dual carriage highway touching half of all counties. But wewe, na mlevi, na muuwaji ni tumbocrat na hiyo ndio yenu. Meffi at ni cost to GoK