Jubilee Development: Gutire Mbeca!


Ndio Umejua? :D:Dafter eight years of eurobond korir kimwarer sgr bullshit by mwizi from sugoi ruto ulidhani Kuna kitu itabaki? Hii sugoi akiingia state house you are going to be a 8th world shithole after 24 years of Iron fist rule. He must not be allowed near there by ANY means necessary
I solely blame Umbwa kama @spear, @ranny etc for this. But as they say Kenya ni kuji panga. Usingoje economy

Its hard to believe that at one point this country used to run on budget surpluses.

A surplus. Something that has never been heard since Mlevi na Mwizi waiingie. Now we are at the mercy of IMF.

Yes good old days of nusu mkate rule.
Saddest thing we have a stupid electorate still yearning for more ruto rule. I wonder what different things he shall do he has not done already


Currently facing trial for Arror scandal hahaaha

Just to clarify, what he means is that they are losing the ability to borrow, to pay their bills. Thats why the IMF has set office in town. The absolute worst is to come.

Rotich will suffer so much kabla akufe. That one is a guarantee.

I tend to think that we should outsource governance to Europeans or put in place some caretaker committee composed solely of seasoned professionals like Kibaki, Martin Oduor, Richard Leakey et al.

What we need is 50 years of military rule. No elections, no politics, no bunge

Kila mtu ni mwizi

The military is just as corrupt as the police. It ends badly for all

cha propaganda buana. It was during Kibaki’s first term. Actually, it is during the mkeka nusu government that Kenya’s economy started dwindling. Commodities prices increased due to the bloated government. tinga is the major cause of the problems we are facing as country. akiingia mahali ni kuharibu tu. kenya would be very far if Kibaki was allowed to go for a second term undeterred!!!

Don’t be biased. Why are you singling out one individual?

Can you give economic figures between 2008-13?

They are lower than those of 2002 - 2007


He lost an election. And he had already handed the country over to tenderpreneurs within his first 2 years of leadership

You should thank us. Can you imagine if we had left it to the communist welder?!:eek::eek::eek::eek:

Thank you for voting for murderous thieves that have bankrupted the country and sank a once promising economy that was once free of IMF control.

Tumeshukuru sana. As a country we really needed double taxation, pointless white elephants, a broken down healthcare and massive job losses.