Jubilee Development: Class 3 National Exam


This is good.

this is stupid, I thought the new curriculum removes emphasis from exams and places the same on the teacher developing key competencies in kids, kumbe system was just to increase the tenders, many exams, more kukula.

Pure nonsense! Exams won’t help our kids in any way!

madness, these are 7/8 year old kids - and we are telling them that they have to pass an exam to move to the next level - whatever that level is, why on earth do you need to subject such kids to a national exam.

We are led by thugs and mad people!

After national exam then where do we take them, Alliance. We need to ask very difficult questions concerning the curriculum

everybody moves to the next level, the exams are basically to know the strengths of the kids so that they know what they want in upper primary,but having a national exams is just daft, you can’t compare a grade three in private and a grade 3 in public, they’re miles a part despite studying the same stuff.

Think of it on a brighter side, utajua mtoto wako ni mjinga mapema mapema uanze kujipanga kununua equipments za woodwork akuwe seremala.

And more graduation parties to get drunk and fornicate in the name of celebrating our kids success.

which ones are ahead of the other?

Sossion ataona muoto na zile mastrike zake

Niwekwe kwa maombi, niko na candidate.:smiley:

When are they joining junior high school? Boarding?

I mean at 7years old a kid does not know what they want, this is more or less the discovery stage - how do you know the strengths of a 7/8 year old, there is a lot that happens before they are mature enough to get a better sense of life, what if you decide a kid is good in sports then realize as they mature they develop poor eyesight, or a kid who seems to do well in sciences then as they grow the interest dies away, it happens because at that age the kid has not been shaped much by the environment and society around them even their bodies have not yet developed, for you to say - determine if a kid is better in sports.

The exam as you rightly point out is just daft, if they want to get a better perspective of a kids development, then the teachers should be asked to submit progress reports to knec not the kids sitting exams.

:smiley: hapo excuse ni mzuri sana, lakini on a serious note if we start segregating our kids at such a young age we will end up wasting the lives of many kids, especially considering the resources being put in this competency based things are just wanting, we dont even have trained career counselors in high schools to guide the kids huko, now we want to start making a kids future decision at class 3

This is fucked up and borders gross child abuse.