Jubilee Dev - Tarmacking of 50Kms Matembe-Ngenyi, Tinga-Kegogi-Marani Roads on Kisii County

Upgrade to bitumen std. of 50Km Metembe-Owalo-Rioma-Marani-Ng’enyi/Tin’ga-Bobaracho-Ragogo-Kegogi-Nyakoora-Gesieka-Marani Rds in Kisii. https://t.co/mNCKRK9H5k

The reason why Jubilee won Nyamira and took half of Kisii counties votes is simply by providing services that they have been awaiting since independence. Roads in the interior, last mile power connections, water etc. Let the good work continue.
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the gok needs no drum roll for doing what its supposed to do. reminds me of fools who praise cops for killing thugs. its their damn job