Jubilee Dev - Tarmacking of 36.4Kms Chiakariga-Marimanti-Gatunga Road in Tharaka Nithi County

Upgrading to bitumen standards of 36.4Km Chiakariga – Marimanti - Gatunga Road in Tharaka Nithi. https://t.co/nVqbPrdScp
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kituguu itanukia sana hii pande …E…SACCO tuko gangari

long overdue. Kama kuna road that has been neglected ni hiyo. na vile inapita kwa gate ya senator kindiki

As usual deep inside mungich land


@spear, bring something to show anko over here that development iko kila mahali. You may just win a convert…

Uncle mgani?

Anyway don’t waste your time with any of that lot, I have posted 100’s of Jubilee Development projects in all 47 counties but they are blind and deaf to development.

For example Jubilee is tarmacking this road that has been prayed for by the locals there since independence. 54 years.

Upgrading to bitumen standard of 70Km Mbita – Sindo – Kiabuya Road. https://t.co/fEvuhcEXll
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Finally! I wish it was possible to work on it round the clock, daily!

County headquarters ya TN hakuna lami ? Wow !

Hata nje ya gate ya Kindiki hakuna lami.a whole LoM for 5 fckn years

Really happy to see this road in my village being tarmacked. The trip to Meru national park shortens by 100km if you use this road. Tharaka produces the best honey, goat, sorghum, best dengu, millet… the list isendless

Fine girls.

Buloti mugata mugata in ngapi huko. Asking for a friend.