Jubilee Dev-Tarmacking 55kms Rivatex-Lemook-Kipkaren-Kapkatembo-Kabiet roads Uasin Gishu County

Upgrade to bitumen stds & maintenance of 55Km Rivatex-Simat-Lemook-Kipkaren Selia-Kapkatembo & Kaplemur-Kabiet & St.Theresa-Cntr Kwanza Rds. https://t.co/UiBWc6pQfV

CC @Budspencer
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Hapo sawa. High speed driving experience.

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Hizi double campaign zimetusaidia sana. Hii ni nyama tumemtoa Singh mdomoni

This is why the people voted for Jubilee in 8/8 and will do it more at 17/10. Development kwa wingi Kenya nzima.
Yesterday UhuRuto were given a massive welcome on their meet the people tour in Uasin Gishu all the way to Eldoret Town.
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Kabisa mzito @spear, now i worry less when mama watoto drives to the farm. I’ve done lots of repairs to the samp and samp guard ya jalopy yake. FYI, this is half the benefit. The other being the bypass through to maili tisa that uhunye launched a month ago. Tunashukuru sana kwa haya maajabu. UhuRuto 110%!

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