Jubilee Dev - Tarmacking 34Kms Karima-Karatina-Kiburu-Kabonge Roads in Kirinyaga County

Improvement to bitumen stds. & maintenance of 34Km Karima A2 - Kianjege-Mukangu-Ndimaini-Karatina & Kiburu-Kabonge Rds. in Kirinyaga County. https://t.co/QytdYy3mim
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Where can I check whether the road to my rural area is up for upgrading? Mwea- Ndindiruku

Nimeipata kwa Tenders

Sasa ni lami hadi kwa gate


If its still under tender then it wouldn’t feature anywhere until its awarded, launched and construction starts. Give it 4-6months for all that.

That road is a waste of money, it wont add any business.


Agriculture is very big business my fren.

Next year I want to start growing vegetables and fruits. There is a lot of demand in Nairobi and the region which wouldn’t diminish anytime soon. I’m finishing a few things so that I can be flexible to supervise it.

Farming done right is big business. Praying that road is done soon.

Iyo si imewekwa lami juzi. Infact iyo lami ilikua ya PI Kimbimbi road through Kanjinji

Thanks for the update. Haven’t been there for sometime.

I come around the place, ni kahawa tu iko huko and the road does not connect you to anywhere. Then there is rivalry ya watu wa mathira na ndia especially watu wa boda hakuna anaweza vuka mpaka ni kuuawa tu

Usisahau nyumbani. Nilikua na kamrembo Ndindiruku, could be your ex or sister or…

Roads are meant to open up the interior, enable farmers transport goods to market thus increasing business, they also help increase property value, attract investors, the list is endless in other words creating opportunity:D
… hiyo ya watu kuuwana that’s just your buddies( mungiki ) doing what they do best:eek: