Jubilee Dev - Construction of 160Kms Lodwar-Lokitaung Junction-Kalobeiyei River Road in Turkana County

The completion of the 160km Lodwar- Lokitaung Junction- Kalobeiyei River Road, Turkana County will enhance connectivity between Kenya and South Sudan, deepen regional integration, improve the transportation of people, goods, services and boost incomes of the pastoralist communities along the corridor by easing access to livestock markets.

Ole Lenku anafanya nini Turkana?

Wapi picha ya barabara?


By the time iishe kujengwa fuel will be at ksh 250 per litre hizo side.

I thought he was also luanching the ngong -suswa rd too

The irony being that kuna mafuta hiyo county :D:D:D:D

Tano Terror nakwambia

It’s a pain being robbed through taxes.How can one explain that cartels imported sugar that would be sufficient for 2 years but we are still buying 2kg packet at 250 .

Sio sukari pekee. As per the Economic Survey 2018, Kenyan food imports are at a record Ksh 100billion from January - June 2018.


Put the blame on that incompetent drunkard that’s in state house, that thieving asswipe Ruto and his lying rat bastard CS Rotich. These three motherfuckers have brought Kenya to it’s knees.