Joyce Akinyi, moto wa kuotea mbali elders

Police arrest businesswoman Joyce Akinyi and a Congolese man after allegedly being found with heroin worth Sh3m at Nairobi West. Now for anyone who doesn’t know her, she is always released without charges, all men who get close to her have long jail sentences. Chungeni sana

she will be released monday morning meanwhile normal.
kenyan shosh with one joint gets six months…is her name even joyce akinyi…

News ilisha fika kitambo. Kabla moon landing.

Hii kesi itafanya flamboyant lawyer Ombeta apone.

She was once arrested with jirongo in India is akawekwa ndani 1 year money laundering

Sio jirongo the other luhya politician anakaa kubleach wanjala I think.


I was a baby last time I watched news na nikaona huyu mwanamke. She was arrested for something and hio story ilikaa kiasi then ikamalaysia.

Yeye na Wanjala Walicheza Chinedu.

She keeps getting arrested for ferrying heroin and somehow she always escapes long sentences.

ananyonyanga mboro ya judge?