JOWIE IS A SMART GANGSTER>>>if you want to bed women in this planet, use lies women are so gullible

So JOWIE used to lie to the late Monica Kimani that he was an undercover and elite cop working with Inter-Pol…Monica used to introduce Jowie to her friends as an Inter-Pol officer…Nairobi women are so gullible…You must use lies to sweep their hearts…

True. Women believe lies more than the truth. If unakaa uko na tupesa you can even lie gatheca ni wenyu na ukamue DFHKMBL.

Hata wewe (nyinyi) mnaambianga dem ukweli?

All this effort just for pusy yet jamaa za bodaboda zinapewa kuma zikiwa zimevaa helmet


Rusted pussy

Na reflector jacket ya yellow


Na hazina Kitu na pia iyo engine ya baajaj imemaliza hisia pande ya shaft



Mimi naeza Sema tu maybe at this age, the level of desperacy in women ndio Imekuwa escalated and the pressure to live how the society wants. And this desperacy is at all levels of social class. Ladies are not themselves anymore, they are swayed by the current dynamics. The narrative of ladies wanting to associate themselves with famous, handsome or relatives of the who is who in the society. So that is why they are easily gullible.
And even at the lowest social class, desperacy or lack of financial liberation plays a big role. I do not get it how a bodaboda man manages to get 4 women. One is wife then the others are on the side. And if they have babies each mmmh!!. They know but ignore and accept that due to desperation.
For me I remain old school no matter what. If you respect yourself and be a principled person, you keep off jokers and get a man of standards. A sad situation.

Nduthi does something to women which make them too willing.
Get used to them uone pia wewe ukipanulia mtu wa nduthi