So there was an expose’ Jana on K T N about the Garissa massacre and the glaring lapses in security,my question is where does the journalist’s obligation to protect their source end and where does their obligation to society begin.
How can you interview a self-proclaimed al-shabab with intimate knowledge about the attack and probably is privy to alot more info on planned attacks and afterwards just pack up ur tripod and camera and go home after doing ur ‘job’.
Given a chance i would snitch on those mofo’s on the spot.
My 2 cents

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They snitch and will never get the opportunity to interview such and get their hands on exclusives. Imagine if ross kemp snitched? His career will be over.

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When it comes to national security, all bets are off. The journalist with information should be tortured until they reveal who killed Kenyans and who is about to kill Kenyans.

Professional integrity is not superior to lives of Kenyans.

hawa sio alshabab wa ukweli…how can they prove it? hii nikama ilen story ya jeff koinange huko naijaland


priorites are warped then…so u let the s.o.b go back butcher innocent people look for him then interview them…

Zimwi Kiamboni. It was more about Mandera than Garissa.

Isn’t it sad, really, that a mere journalist is able to go to the bushes and talk to ‘alleged’ Shabab operatives/sympathizers while the much-vaunted government machinery that is represented there daily can’t? What does that say about the competence of the men and women we entrust our national affairs with?

The ATPU officers should attend mandatory journalism classes. Seems they get better training than at Kiganjo.

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This guys wanajitaftia jina, as we say here wafike threshold ya evidence. Else hekaya tu.

samtimes i dont buy thier stories coz who knows how authentic the interviewee is…

That fellow didn’t strike me as a akebab member and if he is ako lower rungs kabisa and I highly doubt he know any operational details