Joto usiku n near bad dream

Is it me. or its TOO hot at night. Aargh thnks to this and a bad dream (i nearly had) sleepin is unbearable
It should rain hailstorms like now I wish

So let me wish u a nice week ahead

what you need is a man in your life…especially some hard cock…you wont have trouble sleeping when pumped full of orgasms

Its too hot, btw no need for blankets or clothes at night

That is an early sign of menopause cucu.


Spot on bro, hizo ni hot flushes at the onset of menopause.Your time is up ma’am.

sure kuna joto sana,ata kukamua unasweat ka unalima

hehe kamua na ice pack kwa mgongo



@Purr_27 …you are ovulating…

you guys have no clue what joto is…visit mombasa…though it rained last night, the humidity is just a btch…its like someone is wanking with gasoline…


with the aid of a diagram explain the phrase ’ wanking with gasoline’


hahahahahah…wee wacha zako @Fala 12 …the heat…

“On heat” is called so for a reason.

haiya ukiguswa saa hii ka mini @Purr_27 will tokelezea

and chances are she very very horny…

hmmh nature is not so kind, what a difficult situation to be in kama hutaki mtoto :smiley:

weka condom mpangoni…:wink:

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Hehe what a derailment. But its true been very hot lately at night.

@Purr_27 please explain how to nearly have a bad dream

kumbe ni mshahara ya mwezi

@Supu don kumbe wewe ni kujakazi hii sector
ata mimi naskianga joto usiku… shia iko?

hahahaha…hiyo sasa ni ugonjwa…:slight_smile:

Woi then try sleepin in silk … nt fun at all