Jomo Was Not A Mau Mau

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  1. Kenyatta had nothing to do with Mau Mau - by his own admission
  2. Kariuki Chotara almost killed him in prison when he derided Mau Mau
  3. Kenyatta was an alcoholic lecher who fled his home more from the Mau Mau than the colonial government
  4. He was mistaken for its leader on account of having conned Kikuyus in to sponsoring him to UK where he got married and later got himself some academic papers which Paul Ngei - with an MA - used to mock while they were in prison
  5. Kenyatta fled on hearing of the APB issued by the colonial government that was rounding up all African leaders
  6. The fact that he proved elusive to catch irritated the beberu in to elevating his wanted status
  7. In fact Kenyatta had obtained “powerful” juju making it impossible for the beberu to catch him
  8. His wife accepted a bribe from the beberu and informed them when to strike. He was caught, knew the wife was a traitor and abandoned her for Mama Ngina. The rest of the story of how he became president is known
  9. His agreed to betray Africans in return to being freed and allowed to run for elective office. This is contained in the testimony in Sir Michael Blundel’s biography explaining how he brokered the deal
  10. Kenyatta’s first task was to wipe out remnants of Mau Mau. More were killed by him than the colonial government. He forbade the movement while he lived.

Kenyans didn’t fight for independence , it was a civil war pitting the mau mau against the loyalists with the colonialists supplying the arms.

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@Mwenyewe kai utari hakiri

What did your grandfather do for the nation

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There was no fight for independence and, in actual fact, Mau Mau was more horrible than the Nazis albeit in a smaller scale. The kind of terror that the Mau Mau inflicted on fellow kikuyus is just too scary to even contemplate. You know, when ‘small people’ cannot beat the ‘big people’, they turn against themselves and that’s what the Mau Mau did. To this day, i’ve never really understood why kikuyus tend to romanticise the mau mau given the kind of horror the terror gang inflicted in peasants across central kenya. While thousands of africans died due to the uprising, it is believed that only about 30 settlers died under the hands of the Mau Mau. That alone tells you who the mau mau was targeting: loyal kikuyus.
I hate to admit this but i must thank Jomo’s and Moi’s governments for not recognising the mau mau. THEY WERE NOT FREEDOM FIGHTERS; their ideology was no different from Al shabaab’s delusions.
If you are going to shed blood in order to fight for my ‘freedom’, dont fight for me!!! What is even more loathsome is that these mau mau fellows, acting like real cowards, had no problem hacking and raping 4 year old africans, in the name of struggle for ‘independence’.
frankly, it would have been much better if there was nothing like Mau Mau and ‘independence’ should have been granted around 80s.
SO, because we got this so called ‘independence’ what do we have to show for it?
Someone tell me: which crimes did the British commit that has not been committed by charcoal black Kenyans against fellow Kenyans???

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I hear jomo almost got crippled by jiggers that had found their way into his spine and it’s only because of the whitesman mission hospitals that he lived. Guess that’s why he was such a boot licker to them and even married their kind while they tormented his fellow black Africans.

hehehhehe!!!, accept JOMO was the founding father of nation, the first president of the republic of kenya, “Mutongoria Njamba”, your ranting, insults and wishful thinking will never change that
Now also accept “Cryilla Ojinga” will never be president of Kenya, mark my word “NEVER”

Now - MOVE ON suckers

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Haha @SonOfTheSoil stick to the topic, thread for the senior citizen will come later. Anyways wakipigania uhuru I wasn’t born so sijui but from stories I know some of the so called mau mau killed innocent souls making them pay for sins they never knew nothing about.

What happened in Lari was also an act of fighting for independence

For most commentators, colonialism is a distant and abstract narrative. The same cannot be said of those who experienced it first hand.

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Mbeberu did good to live when he did…we have had more time to mess up and might just sort our mes sooner…look at Zimbabwe they left in the ,80s by the 00’s Africans started messing up it will take them longer to sort out that mess than it will take the likes of Ghana and kenya

…acknowledge source…

that is how we kikuyu treat traitors like you

He was never a freedom fighter anyway. However, bloody revolutions are like that. The revolutionaries are shortchanged by some clever thieves who highjack the gains. Apart from that, in revolutions, some fools fuck up big time. Odinga?

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Who told you that an individual must subscribe to his tribe’s aspirations/political aspirations?
While at it, i recall that one JJ Kamotho was a die-hard Kanu hawk making him a ‘traitor’ in the eyes of the Kikuyus; why then, did you not deal with him they way you’d deal with an ordinary kikuyu ‘traitor’? You couldn’t because commoners only know to turn their anger against their fellow commoners. In fact, you embraced him fully after he saw the ‘light’ and joined Narc or something. It’s a shame the ordinary kenyans are very quick in forgiving the mighty and the rich but will hold grudges against each other for ages, which explain why Ruto is now a darling to millions of peasant kikuyus yet the same kikuyus in a certain village will not forgive a lad who stole a chicken 10 years ago and, in fact, will burn him if he is daring enough to return to his village.
When ordinary people will stop despising each other, their brains will wake up and realize their real enemies.


True…tungekuwa mbali sana…and some tribes would not consider themselves super than the rest

Sout africa???

The world isnt heaven. Its a fucked up place that you have to fight and compete to survive in. Again, contrary to the common perception, humans are predatory in nature, and will not let go unless the prey becomes poisonous too violent. Sometimes you just gotta fight it out and experience the agony and misery of war and death or you live a slave forever.

You certainly havent sat your ass down and reflected on what explicit slavery and domination looks and feels like. You think its sitting in your cabin there and writing long paragraphs.

Your grown ass doesnt sit down and think on how it feels to have your children die of malnutrition and your wife look like a scarecrow while you slave everyday for a white Bwana who has a wife who looks like an angel(memsahib) and sits about all day doing make up or cuddling pets.

You also havent thought about slaving and going hungry having seeing your fellow slaves hang or get shot for stuffing meat in their pockets out of desperation.

You also havent reflected on what is feels to have a fifteen year old white boy kick your grown hairy balls in front of your wife and you gotta plead and call him Bwana.

You certainly havent reflected on what its like for some white people to come home and shoot your people in front of you and there is nothing you can do abt it.

One cholmondeley has the guts to re-enact the nolstagia because of “peaceful” guys like you. Imagine having thousands or millions of Cholmondeley??

Huyu @karl marx anasema ati blood shouldnt be spilled for freedom??? Ni wapi aliona hiyo?
Bro you fight everyday for your freedom. Thats why you sponsor people to shoot anyone who threatens your life in the streets and certainly in somalia. You can be sure that KDF isnt waving handkerchiefs in somalia to contain your enemies. Thats the reality. You earn your safety and freedom by the barrel of a gun on the basic level. Ata nashangaa vile unaweza naively sit in the safety of your home and talk shit of people who walked and still walk into death so that you can sleep soundly. No other method of earning freedom except by force that has ever succeeded. Ata hizo “peaceful methods of fighting for freedom” havent succeeded anywhere.

And dont fuckin mention S. Africa. They are still a colony with the mandela nigga having helped extend the white hegemony domination after being rewarded with a presidential seat and the honor of becoming a “freedom fighter”.

The only reason that you are a fairly free people is because no one dares annex considering the repercussions. Regardless, weaknesses that still exist will be exploited by predator western countries, chinese, etc to the extent that they can
If you told me that you are going to make me a slave now that I have a taste of freedom, and I had access to an AK, I would take it and and fight to the death.