Joke of the decade.

A transexual man thought that he can participate in Olympics and compete against women and win medal he saw dust

:zap:Transgender athlete Laurel Hubbard crashes out of women’s weightlifting contest at the Olympics - the NZ competitor failed to register a successful lift in 3 attempts

Saa hii woke na liberal ghasia wapelekeee hio upuzi mbali. Pia America lesbian football team wamekanyagwa kama burukenge.

Pia resident shemale @patco amekanyangwa kwa shingo vizuri sana.

Fair and square

Mimi nimesoma , “Pia President @patco…”

You could be right since you are the president of the local shemale association

Waciuri nowadays you are very bitter. It’s as if you have run out of people to con. A broke conman is an angry conman.

Cope :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Sharrap ghaseer unproductive americoon:D:D:D niaje Patco

Najuaga wewe hutamani kumangwa manyuuu lakini uko na haya…lakini hii content is too gay for my comfort

A 43 year old with a mid life crisis with a face that looks like cowdung. Probably never got laid by a man or a woman. Instead of ignoring this individual, a whole country of land grabbers have egg on their faces.