Joint account

I appreciate all the feedback i got from my post yesterday. Am afraid i still have another niggling issue. Apparently my wife of less than a month is insisting on joint account. I earn between 100-170k and she earns less than 50k as a receptionist. Married fellows ,do you have a joint account with your wives?

No and I hope you haven’t told her how much you earn. You need serious lessons about life kijana.

Boss,what happened to you? Who brought you up? Don’t you have relas,friends etc etc?
Your questions indicate a seriously flawed growing up process…
Ngoja kwanza…how old are you?

Guy is in serious shit, hakuwa amefika kuoa. We have to really guide him.

Niaje admin.Uko chonjo?

Kabisa, iko swali?

Do you believe the poster exists? kikikikikikiki oh my ribs…

wife 31yrs

Are you serious ama you are trolling us?

I give up!

This is fake news , vifaranga vya computer …He must be a staff member writing juicy stories to keep traffic going …

Ikifika hapa, unasema umeolewa sio, umeoa FULLSTOP

@eddy mahelo leta wisdom yako hapa.

ferkin troll :smiley: :smiley: sasa mods wanatubebaje lakini…
yani in attempt to clear out the edges… mod moja hapo hivo inachangamkia post na comment ya kwanza :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

haya kujeni mtuvalishe pampers juu sasa nikama tumezaliwa jana

‘He conned’ the forum the other day on the thread Okiya mentioned today somewhere.

Huyo Next time utauliza mambo ya Sex party.

:D:D:D:D:D… Trolls everywhere, Trolls everywhere…

Wewe chief Kwani uko hapa market research? Shida zako ni nyingi sana …the village should start charging you for the free advice.