Joho shows leadership

County government must always be involved in decision making by National Government

You dont know leadership…

i was in Mombasa a few weeks ago and i can say Joho is doing a superb job. I was especially impressed with roads network in the estates where he is putting access roads, tarmac almost everywhere. And the guys in Mombasa love him. He may be a slay king, but he has tried. Si kama wapishi wengine huku Kajiado who have only constructed a 1.2km tarmarcked road in the whole county since he was elected

But I do. In Kenya the threshold is pretty low. Going by electoral choice of the majority of Kenyans.

What happened to Matiangi? He is a resolute manager in times of crisis

What you’re saying …
I kinda seem to recall KYALLO saying the same…

Well, I am sure you are aware that when people are in love, they’re biased. And yes, the Emir is pleasant to behold, fluent in Swahili and is soft spoken. So maybe I’m also biased but then give the devil his due.

Hehe nyako, am with u Kwa hii story ya joho, if u continue this way…, But Kenyans be safe by all means, though Mimi …

Na nyinyi mbona mumetriple fare na munatumia ndimu kuosha abiria mikono? Kwani how much is kipande soap.

Ndimu iko juu ya soap mbali Sana, na Mimi Niko na samba ya ndimu but naoga na detol can u relate

Wacheni kucheza na hii ugonjwa nanii, why hasn’t World Health Organization recommended onions, I mean lemons for hand washing?

Simple, lemons hutumika kutoa harufu ama uvundo Kando ya mengi, but in ksm we have been using detol as weseep colombofinest

Can lemons kill germs?

Yeeeeessss hiyo acid, hebu ulisa, scientific effidence google

Does Mombasa still smell?