Joho seen with another woman on staircase ( photos)

Joho always down to earth and listens to county problems. May the lord bless him.


PR tupu. Give us Joho achievements.

Tumechoka na PR he has turned Mombasa to be Garbage City.

Useless Gavana

Good thing
Time ya Moi though hakukuwa na hizi, you would hear them form the horses mouth.
Especially time ya Moi there was rumours that Moi knew all our problems umekaa kwa harambee unaskia umetajwa mara umekujiwa
I got nothing against Joho but if u eliminated the cameras most leaders wouldn’t bother.

this is “scratch my back i scratch yours” kind of journalism

he really listens to the poor women whose kids have been lost to the drug menace

:D:DAti this fraudster hopes to be Kenyan president. Aende Churchill show akachekeshe watu

@digi tunakula nyama hazijaiva wapi, your sense of humor is killing me

Drug menace he created?

There are no classes in ‘irony’ unfortunately

Whiners all over, ghaseer! Let Joho do what he was voted in to do, help his people. Meanwhile pambana na hali zenu. Why do some people here always have to look at the negative in everything? If you have nothing positive to comment, switch posts. I hate negative vibes. You can’t always please everyone.

:D:D:D:Dgood mid morning. Leo niko gym, not eating out.

hoho alifanyiwa hair implants kwani?


Good for you. By the time August inafika Beach body tings. Me every single day is a good day to eat out hata nimecut back bcz of baridi. Nitakutumia foto from steak out. Kukushumekia.