Joho back to his theatricks

[ATTACH=full]127635[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]127636[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]127637[/ATTACH] Governor Joho and his team of kanjus have been briefly detained at Nyali police after they went to evect an alleged land grabber in Nyali. Walishikwa on tresspass charges…joho, and his powerful brother Abu are the biggest land grabbing cartel we have at the Coast. EDIT: Governor Joho went Nyali police station to demand immediate release of the 7 County Askaris…he was not arrested or detained.

Hoho chronicles

He was on KTN news a few minutes ago

meanwhile takataka zazidi kujaa na usalama ni hekaya.

Due to Police Laxity as well as silence from the Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho pertaining matters of security, we as the people of Likoni have resolved to the following:
1.Any parent who harbours a child who has joined criminal gangs, kindly advice him to opt out immediately.
2.Report your child to the police if he refuses to heed your call.
3.Issuing a one week grace period for all children involved to stop criminal organizations.
4.Dispose of your weapons, knives, pangas etc

Please Note: Failure to adhere to these simple rules, we clearly and authoritatively state that:
a) We will openly take matters into our own hands.
b) Any child irregardless of their age, found in possession of armed weapon shall be met with full force of our mob if not the police and it may include maiming, stoning as well as being burnt alive.
c) Any body who will stop or try to stop this campaign shall be dealt with accordingly.
d) Finally Hesy of Nairobi is coming to Likoni next week. We expect to clean up Likoni of any criminal gangs.
We shall do everything possible to end this calamity while they are still young to prevent future menace when they become of age.
Kindly spread and share the message to notify the public.

New Likoni Youth Leader

Wonder what Joho will do, after his term is over, maybe vie for Mombasa Senator ?

He is now enriching himself by accumulating land, clearing and forwarding imeleta kizungu mti


I said this last month. Gangs will be dealt with in their own playbook. Hessy to the job.

[SIZE=6]1. 7 county askaris are arrested illegally by corrupt police officers while conducting demolitions in a grabbed public land.
2. Joho goes to Nyali police station demanding for the release of the county askaris.
3. A confrontation ensues and Joho is arrested.
4. Wananchi demonstrate around police station
5. Joho is released, county askaris are still in prison

  1. Supporters of the Entitled Buttscratcher begin spreading propaganda that Joho was demanding for the release of a land grabber [/SIZE]

…“we have at the coast”…mlimchagua, yaleni matunda.

zero chills

hii ni upuz was ut really necessary to involve the guy’s mother?

Arap Mashamba Bin Wamugundu is the biggest land grabber we have in the country



Sii this election ifike tu haraka we confirm Uhunye and then tuone vile majamaa watabehave…

Jana pale KTN the lawyer who was engaging Ahmednassir… I think he’s called Kaluma aliongea nka anatisha eti NASA WILL NOT… Nyef nyef… (matters relating to them participating in this elections) Nkathani ako na makende tatu sisi tukiwa na mbili… Haya. Hiyo ika slide…

Sasa Babu Owino amesema Uhuru mzito ni mtoto wa umbwa… Isokei, hapo naona nka wameongeza makende and they have four wakati tuko na mbili… (Yaani Mzito Jomo ni Umbwa?? SMFH)

Mbona watu kunyamaza inakuwa mistaken for cowardice…?? Isoryt…

thank God Sonko and Waititu have matured up.