Joho and Kingi to Ditch ODM and form another party.

ODM deputy party leader leaving for a new political outfit, along with Amason Kingi. Siku ya nyani kufa…

Very soon someone in the ODM shouting league will begin to remind us his qualifications in Pharmacy.

Their terms are up. Nothing but spent cartridges.

baba atabaki na mlevi wake ! now if only some people in nyanza drop some balls and he will be a spent force Obado showed it was possible !

senile and mlevi will soon be left alone in their illegal cohabitation

:D:D:D:D:D all the lies, fake promises and broken mou’s are simultaneously haunting RAT. No one believes him anymore and surely now when he can’t even grasp succession politics that Hustler is running away with. Kila MTU anajipanga even at the last moment kenyatta family will.leave him stranded like the fool he is.

Ojinga ni mjinga tu.