John Legend's pedo wife



I always knew she was wacko. I was v disappointed when Jonnie Legend married her. She also hangs out with the Kardashian clan. Say no more.

Hii ndio ubaya wa kuoa. Your name will always be dragged into the dirt bibi akifanya upuzi, even when divorced.

Fake news. But watu kama hii mama wazimu ya UK can believe any nonsense being peddled on the webs.

This is not the 1st time umepost about the ‘UK’. Hahahahahahahaha I can’t help you there. While we are at it mama wazimu ni nyukwa, na shoguo. If you are bored and broke and think I will trade insults with you as you look for company…you are deluding yourself. See you later.

Some are even linking her to Epstein.

She has a dark dark background. I have read a few scandals related to her which are hugely embarrassing for JL. I try to follow the Epstein case but there are just too many twists and turns.
The Queen will die v unhappy after knowing her fav son was involved with this evil man.

Enyewe kijiji inaeza amini kitu yoyote kwa internet hata bila research kiasi

They’re rushing to pile on when we all know Chrissy Tiegen’s a victim of Conservative Conspiracy peddling Press just like The Gates- Bill and Melinda.

Despite being one Donald Trump’s most outspoken and acerbic critics, Chrissy Teigen decided to send birthday wishes when the presumptive Republican candidate turned 70. However, Teigen’s message veered sharply away from those sent by his other well-wishers. The model and businesswoman decided to share a photo of Mr Trump on her Instagram account and caption it: “Happy Birthday, you monumental asshole”.
She didn’t stop there. Teigen also sent him instructions on how to deactivate his Twitter account, echoing the message sent to him by presumptive Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton last week. Although the post was welcomed by many of her followers, it predictably received a backlash from Mr Trump’s supporters on Twitter.

(That’s from last elections when she stirred them up)

If its because of her criticism of Trump why aren’t other celebs being smeared? Remember 3/4 of hollywood lean left.
She herself admitted to deleting 60,000 tweets. Considering how dirty hollywood is its not surprising there are pedos in there.

Leta proof ni fake news.

Wow!! I’ve never liked her face or demeanor from day 1. I believe John Legend could’ve done better than marry this witch. Yahoo loves her though always posting minute, adoring bits of her life. I knew she was weird coz her soulless eyes tell the story, now I have objective truth.

The only good thing about this witch is inspiring ‘all of me’ song

No Nein nein Uwes…we JL fans cannot accept that. She ruined a good song. What will be going on in JL’s mind in old age on watching the video play back?

WIthout her he would never have conjured that song of the decade,

I disagree. He would still have delivered but looked for another model…checki hapa…LEGENDARY LLcool J hit here with this one. The only one allowed to bring his wife on screen is hova.

Si unashikanga nare whenever UK is mentioned.

Where I am concerned yaa I do. Nasiunafuatanga post zangu kwa makini sana eh?tells me a lot. Go and feed that dog umeshika wachana na mimi.