John Ineo Is God, Not A God!

Discuss or disregard, but you have been told!


@john ineo I think you need to look for a job.

Specifically, a delusion of grandeur is a person’s belief that they are someone other than who they are, such as a supernatural figure or a celebrity. A delusion of grandeur may also be a belief that they have special abilities, possessions, or powers. Delusions are generally the result of a mental health disorder.

Wachana na vitabu vya kuhadaa!

@john ineo ,you need to get laid ASAP.

“kanguthu”, John Ineo is extra wealthy by all standards. He lives in an area that he manages( no laws). He is super schooled. He gives jobs and loans to institutions and governments. He likes talking to commoners just to pass time.

John ineo unajua Truman

You mean Dog?

they might be the same person but different personalities like that guy from the movie, Split.

@Jehovah Wanyonyi also thought that he was God himself but he succumbed to death just like any mortal man. The biggest tragedy is not his decision to exalt himself to the status of a deity but the fact that he misled thousands of innocent people to follow his false teachings.