Joe Mfalme booked til June 2020


Guy will make serious money. These DJs get paid 100k minimum per gig

shiet! at least ksh 4 million by June

Personally I don’t really care who is mixing as long as the music is right… me thinks those days Djs were much hyped are gone… ingekuwa between 1999-2008 then I would have marked my calendar… but kudos to him… let him get it while the sun shines.

i wasted my collage years and money. hawa djs in kenya are making a killing out there. mimi niko tu hapa staring at a computer screen all day then jioni na asubuhi am staring at the traffic jam. shida ya 8-4-4 ni hatukufunzwa ku utilize our talent.

Exactly. Shiet! Yani by end of the year the guy will have clocked 8M minimum. Assuming he has no other hustles

Some of those places cannot afford 100 k for a night

I highly doubt those pubs can afford to pay 100k on a lazy Friday or Saturday gig… these guys are usually paid such for corporate gigs… if it’s a kawaida lounge or pub kidu 30 - 45k… especially bif there is backing of a promotion for brew or liquor.

Most DJs are struggling ile serious

Am sure he is not struggling

joe mfalme,nickdee and his bro,kaytrix, mr t, are among the few secular djs that i guess are doing good. not mentioning the gospel djs too. though not all are doing as good

ok true… If u are at the top then u are eating well.

But im sure the average DJ doesnt get paid that well.

Djs do the same thing, they mix the same songs. Aspect of creativity is quite minimal. Having gone to numerous clubs and events, the style is the same. Start the evening with slow music and increase tempo as people get drunk and horny, then reduce the tempo towards morning hours, at some point switch to reggae and some vernacular songs.

The few who are lucky to get the big cheques like Joe Mfalme is all about branding.What people think you offer.

Once you get the attention of the media, you on the right path to earn the millions. I know of some very talented DJs mtaani but since they are not known out there, they get their few thousands per show.

akikosa gigs inabidi atengeneze mixtapes and upload them on soundcloud and such where we download them and listen for free

siwezi attened club ikana huyu mjama tena…juzi amekua pale Mirema.jama akana taste mbaya ya ngoma

boss which club can afford to pay Ksh 100,000 for a night…Let’s be realistic…Most of Dj Joe Mfalme’s gigs are club gigs where he spins from 12 AM mpaka kitu 4AM …I don’t think he is paid 100K for club gigs…,may be corporate gigs

I agree…he is more of a software djs but kucheza live ako down.,…


Then they are not that ‘talented’, the most vital aspect of building career as a creative is matching your technical skills with entrepreneurial skills.

Which clubs do you go tu? A ‘sizable’, and popular club typically rakes in about 150 to 250k per weekend. They can afford to occasionally pay 70 - 100k to a ‘celebrity DJ’.