Jobs for stay at home moms

The above subject refers, kindly asking for a friend. Any ideas? Light another candle.


Kama ameiva graphics design,she can be designing simple wedding cards that come in the size and open like a success card. Anatitumia na email,nazi-print we then organise vile zitafikia customer

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Does she have good lungs?

Thanks alot @Afro, much appreciated, too bad she lack that skill, she has done PR, but if still interested I can hook you up with someone if I meet any with those requirements

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Online jobs. is good place to start. Alternatively there is academic writing.

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Transcription let her learn the basics then things will fall in place with time can make upto 2k per day on a good day depending with her typing speed and attention to detail most jobs pay almost $20 per audio hour

But it aint as simple as it sounds this audio hour one can take upto a day or two working on it moreso a noob

Thanks let me check it up

Thanks, do one create an account to access such job ama? If so kindly share the link

Penning endless rage articles kama @GeorginaMakena

Hizo zinakuwanga c&p hack jobs!

Mwambie ajaribu io
Qualification ni noma but ukiget sio mbaya

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Baking, kama anapenda upishi.


If they are comfortable writing articles iwriter is the easiest platform to get work.

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