job vacancy..

Just terminated two waiters from their job. Apparently they’ve been colluding with an unknown scumbag…to sneak in cheap liqour in my joint ( lakini si huyu scumbag wa buxton… wa hii kijiji). . Ksh 350 aday ndio ataanzia… kama yuko na extra ASSets… am willing kuanzia 450 a day… …

Ladies only invite…

msa stadium area

hauwezi taka @junkie


Kwani @junkie… yuko na madiaba ?? @ekamsweu

This is no bluff… for those who are familiar with this territory. Past stadium view kuna some very fancy sports pubs… now thats the place. …

akina @junkie, @Wakahomo @Dean Room 254 etc ulizia hao


Go finish your homework you filthy scum…

kwanini uko na aviotor ya makeki thot u reformed…SMH

kwanini uko na aviator ya makeki thot u reformed…SMH

Hows ur cube bellied boyfie doing… ??

am single :smiley:

Fancy and you are paying a miserable 350/=??


350 ni less

350…afadhali niuze mukuka

u r paying roughly 38 bob per hour for a 9 hr shift no wonder wanakuiba

mcooondu wa nyoka wewe

And on that day @Ice_Cube was friend-zoned…just one day after he sold his quarter acre piece of land to take @Purr_27 to that fancy island she yearns to go to.

@junkie your choice of avatars is strange, can I help you choose one? Nikutafutie something cool kama hii yangu.

Woi he actually left without me :frowning: sijui alienda na @Unicorn wa chapa mandashi …ata saa hii yuko mteja