Job request.

My name is Brian Wachira. Iam a university dropout due to finances and am looking for someone who can help me get any manual job at the moment.
I’ll really appreciate.
Am very good in Mathematics and anything related to maths. I was a 2nd year at Egerton University where I was doing BSc Statistics, before life became unbearable.

this advice is usually very misleading and acts towards subconsciously making someone who is already down feel even more worthless. If such a bright person is unable to raise school fees, where do you expect them to raise/set aside capital to start a business, any business?

@Purple ebu kam kiasi

I did not respond ndio tuanze kubishana, but since we are here let me put it this way…

people have different potentials, there have been cases where a smart beautiful girl cannot get placement anywhere, so unbeknown to her she asks for advice from a relative/friend/neighbour. Since they know she has the potential to grow into big things given her background of excelling in anything she puts her mind into as well as her attitude and character, the relative/friend/neighbour suggests that she can be a house girl and that hizo job ni mingi sana awache ‘kujifanya’ achukue hio kazi. The relative/friend/neighbour knows quite well that they are putting them down by suggesting such ways for her to survive(knowing the chances that it will probably kill their future are high), probably they did not have that potential going for themselves and they had to start from there. Yes, its possibly ‘good’ advice but started at the extreme end of the scale.

The same way you cannot ask someone to just disregard what they have worked so hard to attain and ask them to start from the bottom until all other options have been exhausted completely.

you have a higher chance of getting employed…take the relevant academic qualifications,usisahau transcripts za kutoka first year,get a certificate of good conduct… draft a job application letter for the position of a cashier , there’s a new branch opened quickmart 24 hour in kilimani* [SIZE=2]not really sure… [/SIZE][SIZE=4]they ccan’t turn such brain away.probably utaanziwa na 20k .insist on meeting the brach manager,mwambie your predicament,hawezi kukula…ooh …dress smart[/SIZE]

Tafta paid internship. Connect with your dean of students atakusaidia bro. Wanakuaga na nafasi wametengewa na partners wa shule

I Think before one suggests that someone starts a business, one should list some of his profitable business ventures and give advice based on those.

Otherwise hii tu ni pang’ang’a kawaida ya wakenya!

Unareply nani sasa? Ama hiyo malaya @poyoloko ilidelete comments?

Uko na hiyo transcripts ya uni?

Thanks for this. I’m grateful

Just checked seemed it opened a few days ago.
Wanted to make an appeal also but let me try this first .
Thanks for info .
@BigApple I wish one day you’ll manage to complete your degree .In the meantime what you have is what you use .cheers

Naona wewe ni cool kid.The guy just said he dropped out so he didn’t attain the degree. A lot of businesses you can start very cheaply and make it grow provided you’re focused and disciplined. The other day watched this successful clothes shop owner who narrated how he started his entire business with around 900.Now he’s doing quite well for himself thanks to his hardwork and vision. The thing is hakuna kitu unaweza kataa once you hit that hard wall,grab everything with both hands .Having a vision for yourself helps of course. Remember the guy who started the Ngumu business siku hizi ni billionaire,Am sure if you were his friend when he was starting his small kiosk ungemshow awache upuzi and look for a "classier " job. Mwanaume ni kujaribu wewe endelea kutafuta your pension slaving your best years creating wealth for other individuals.

Sema. :slight_smile:

I know what you’re trying to say, but this case is different. OP was unable to graduate due to lack of finances. What we were talking about was the opposite problem ie in your words, having too much education and no job.

@BigApple, I’ve had this business idea for a long time now. I’ve always been fascinated by street food. Aside from the tired mayai boiro na smokies, how about some more interesting recipes? Like breakfast sandwiches, gyros, cheesesteaks? Quick, fresh, flavorful meals for hungry people who are in a big hurry and don’t have time to enter into a big establishment. And who’s got the money to pay rent, goodwills, workers?

Find a place with foot traffic, enda pale Gikomba or any other jua kali place and have someone make you a nice mobile, grill (mabati) with a shed and get to work.

Kanjo wakikusumbua just tell them to f**k off. Seriously :D. Street food is the fast food of the future in highly congested, low-middle income cities coz no matter what, people must eat.

Go to YouTube and see how they do it all over the world especially India, Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia. Mombasa street food culture is probably the best we have in Kenya. The whole business set up shouldn’t cost more than 20k. Thoughts?

If I got a bunch of resumes and came across yours, I guarantee you it would be the first to hit the dust bin. Employers want to know the skills you have for the job and making the CV look pretty is not a marketable skill.

Rule of thumb: highlight your accomplishments succinctly. If you haven’t worked at a job long enough to be promoted, you should have a 1-page CV.

You missed the point. Sijasema biashara huwezi fanya am just saying you cannot just subconsciously put people down by suggesting a business that anybody can literally do. Biashara ni mingi sana that can be done depending on various circumstances. But telling someone who clearly can do better aanze kuchoma mahindi on the roadside, even if they can, is simply telling them they have worked for nothing this whole time. Pia anaweza osha nguo, trim a fence and such…but is that the best approach? Ata Vera Sidika can suggest mwanamke yeyote aende dubai and meet those arabs bora pesa, you get my drift? If it was your brother or sister, would that be the best advice you can offer?

Thanks for the positive ideas and the eye opening business ideas.
Av already started working on one and I know this time it’ll work out