Job offers.

Ktalkers something is brewing in my pot for the last 3 months and have decided to share it and seek opinion.
This year i have turned down three job offers now there is onother one of 3000usd take home minus allowances in Nairobi.
My current employer in a nice bloke but an ass at times but i kinda owe him alot.
Through him i have travelled half of the world for training and conferences.
There one training that i have been longing for and its around oct/dec in Uk.
Only a few peope have it in east and central africa.
If i decide to leave the company everything will crumble and can take them years to stabilise.
What would you do if you were in my shoes.
Mark you getting leave is always a hustle.

3000 usd= 300 000 ksh. unless your current job pays above 200k take the new job. but first ask kama utapatanga leave days

tupatie contacts za hio job ya 3000 usd hata kama ni somalia tutaenda

As per your view, you are valuable to your current company …do you get enough re-numeration per your input ? …you may be grateful to a company but they are not loyal to you

If they don’t pay you well , ask for more money if they refuse get the other job

@madova When u say u owe your current employer alot, i believe u meant you are where you are now coz of him and there are some things that u cannot put a monetary value to. Dont be “kind of an ass” like your boss. Do the right thing.

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you have to decide, if you think there a fair chance that you will get such an offer again after training, then you may just chill and take it. But if this are those chances zile ukiwachilia ni hivyo, then take it.

This guy you say has employed you, is it in his company or you are his PA,security guard or what? Since if its a company there are clear cut policies on leave and you should not be saying he is an ass sometimes coz a company is an entity. It seems you are employed for him by him. As such it will not be possible to tell you what you can do.

Tulia hapo hapo wacha tamaa. Wacha wengine wapate kazi

Even if he leaves, the company he’s working for currently will have to fill his slot. And never again make the mistake that no one can ever fill your shoes. Granted, a new person may find it hard at the beginning but be sure they will learn and get the job done and like it’s always said, no one is indispensable.


sababu ya value yako umegawiwa tu-shares hivi hivi? if not, your options should be open…sababu kuna mtu anatumiwa kama shoe hapa

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ask for a raise

If you own shares in your current job, then stay. If not, submit your resignation letter today.

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I have a problem with this statement. Sorry to say this but no one is irreplaceable. Never feel like you owe an employer so much that you think of them first when making a decision about your career growth. I am sure you have worked hard and earned whatever goodwill that has come your way in the organization. If you choose to stay do it for your own sake not your boss or the organization. Love you job but never fall in love with your employer!


Dont blackmail your employer. He will give you the raise but be assured he will start looking for an alternative immedietly. Then when you least expect it, boom!!!.. you’re out. Kama ni greener pastures just resign and go

Its slightly below that.

Job iko mtaani buda.Engineering

I totally agree with you and thats where the conflict of intrest arises.While the rest were resting on Eid i was working even on sundays sometimes.

hehehehe you feel me? And the right thing is what expound man.

hmmmm,I like the thought behind your thinking.Its a hell of a chance.I have the contract which was sent so that i can have a look it.Its awesome.

Buda,Its not his company he is our operations director.

people have worked their ass up to be where they are now.My first pay was 7k back then.

That i know but in some jobs it aint easy as it sounds my brother though companies can accomodate such loss anytime and train someone even if its for a year.

Hapa umedinya point kabisa.These are the small steps i need to move on.
Do you know i never attended for a interview? I was just handpicked somewhere else.

Thats the problem right there.Some friend of mine worked with Equity sometimes back beacause of his exemplary performance.He wanted to leave and his salo was tripple raised only for him to sacked after 4 months.He was caught off guard.
These employers jameni.

Lets use the term head hunting. An explanation of the term from the internet: Head hunting is a specialized area of recruitment of sourcing high profiles without dependency on job boards and employees seeking employment. It involves hunting candidates through direct contact, personal meetings, attending seminars and industrial exhibitions. Its accepted recruitment method. Why are you placing such a low premium on yourself and your skills?

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Am down to earth thats why:):slight_smile: but am good at what i do.Fact.

buda. hata mimi ni Engineer niko poa design, na niko na experience ya supervision ya water supply na irrigation projects. draughting pia nkoo fiti


Nobody is indispensable. Do you think the company would close down if you died? You may be overvaluing yourself.

If the boss is approachable, just explain to him your situation withoit giving him the option of raising your pay. Work out a smooth transational plan, and since you say you owe him a lot, promise to be going there say thrice a week or over the weekends until your replacement gets comfortable. Na usimlipishe.