Job fears as Dominion firm stops operations in Kenya

I would have pasted the whole story here…but you all know what happened when the ceo refused to heed to one mans call for a bribe!

#Resist #


Either: ‘serikal saidia’ or ‘its jubilees fault’
Ngoja tu hapo

NRM are very happy.

And that’s how Amollo Odinga became , a prominent sugar cane and rice farmer in the Continent. It’s a good time to be a Raila General in Luo Nyanza, some good eating ahead.
Maajabu ya ngamia, haya. The fool kicks out an American investor, in his backyard, and , He is in the same, same America, ranting how, Jubilee party, don’t deserve to be in power.
How i wish, the US press can pick on this story, and corner him ? ?

isn’t it funny how the Americans are quiet about it?

Naskia ule jamaa alimeet nayeye huko america ni equivalent na mboch wa Matiangi

The Jubilee machinery is v lame when it comes to exposing this RAT.

alimeet watu wengine irrelevant then anaenda kuongea mbaya about envoys ni kama ni yeye ndio CS Wa Foreign Affairs. I even think before his trip Godec aliandika barua pepe akiambia wazito wasikaribie huyo muguruki.

They are not Ambassador Godec don’t not buy into his bull crap at all. That’s why RAT attacked him personally.

I haven’t seen any statement by the US ambassador/State Dept concerning this Dominion Farms issue.

Mark my words No investor will touch Nyanza Kenya ! Lord of Poverty has seen to this ! remember when they young peaceful protestors raided a hotel conference being attended by their own mothers and stole from and slapped the old women around ? All conferences were cancelled in the region not just affecting the employees directly but suppliers etc. Don’t forget what the same peaceful protestors did to public and private enterprises during their peaceful demonstrations !

The same peeps have the guts to still play the marginalization card

Nilisema SGR ikuwe rerouted hata isipite Nyanza nikaitwa saitan.

Hapa ni #Racist wala sio #resist

this is the most unfortunate thing ever.

Naurisa @spear ile plant ya EABL si sirkal iDivert ijengwe hapa Meru?

I support.