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I graduated last year June with a degree in HR. I was happy to have made it but my happiness was shortlived since there are no jobs in this country and unemployment rates are on the increase. From June last year I was just at home doing applications all the time though I wasn’t that successful. I was lucky to be hired as a clerk during the general elections by IEBC. It was a short contract but at least I had something to keep me going. I was then jobless from there on.

Coming this year January, I had applied for a customer care job in one of the companies along Mombasa road. I was called for an interview and was hired. The pay was worth 20,000/-. I was happy to get the job. Fast forward we began the job from the start of this month. The job has set targets to meet which when looked into seems to be too much. One has to call 150 people; for a call to be completed the other person must receive even if its for 3 seconds otherwise if the person doesn’t pick up or is mteja then you have done nothing. Also you have to sort out 500 names daily such a tiring task. We started and I found it to be so tedious and from those who were hired no one seemed to achieve the set targets. Recently they introduced new terms which most of us were not happy with.

Working hours were changed from 8-5 to 7-7 meaning literally one will be spending 12 hours seated behind a computer risk that is half a day. I don’t know what the company will achieve by doing since 8-5 used to be hard as by 3pm all people are just tired. The body can’t take any more work. Also they introduced night shifts which no one was prepared for. So we will be working for 3 nights which I see I can’t handle since partying 3 days is a problem how is working 3 days at night gonna be? Another thing this is the third week but the company has still not yet given us our contracts. They are coming with all excuses as to why we can’t get our contracts which I don’t like anyway since you can be dismissed unlawfully and there’s nothing you can do since you don’t have any contract to do it. From the pay, only 13k will remain as the other 7k will be taxes and money spent on expenses (fare, food). We took our grievances to the head of customer care and she replied rudely to us saying, “kama hutaki kazi enda nyumbani”.

I don’t like the way the company is treating us. I can say we are being exploited for personal gains. Since someone knows you are desparate for money he uses you the way he wants. He is that person who will tell you “Si unipanguze matako”, and you will gladly do it since you are desparate for the cash. I have gone to some days night shifts and when coming back home I am totally wasted till my mum told me that I should just leave the job since she finds it oppressive that a person can tell you to work at night yet he is sleeping and is paying you peanuts. The contract is to end in April but I have decided to leave the job at the end of this month after I get my full pay since I find the terms and working conditions not to be that conducive. I mean I can’t be stressed all the time coz of some person. I can live with less stress when I quit.

Villagers what do you think about this?

TUma number ya campuni inbox nitafute job uko… We uko na job unalialia si tunalia hatuna job

-Do you have a plan B?
-where are you going after leaving?
-what are you going to do?
-can you be self employed?
-have you researched the background of your company or its another Ssapf scam?

Pole lakini kwa masaibu kazini.

Shiiieth… i’d answer NO and I dont know to all of these questions.

Those que huongeza doubt whn someone wat to take chances… Sometimes you have to risk coz you cnt take it any more… Employment job unless ni kwa gava hizi zengine ni kuvumilia ujinga

We vumilia tu to the end of the contract and call it experience. After that you never find any job too hard for you to do.

I think i know the company you are talking about amd trust me you are better off.

After the contract you will have proof of experience in a specific feild,uende nayo kwa other companies with better terms. then keep upgrading from there slowly by slowly

Wengine wetu hatukuwa na luxury ya kukaa home tukingoja job iingiane, Nairobi ni shamba ya mawe kama hujui mtu. Tulianzia pipeline na akina @culture

But truth be said, employers know kuna deficit ya jobs ile serious. Did you see ile umati ilikuwa G4S last week??? Its that bad.

But ngangana tu , ile fantasy ya owning a house and driving at 25 is now a mirage.

Welcome to Life son!!!

Mjengo ni mingi hii Nairobi…nunua vest ya white na viatu mbili hazifanani alafu raukia mahali popote kumewekwa fence ya mabati recently ungoje hapo nje.
Gari ya mchanga ikiingia, ingia nayo na uchangamke ku-offload

hiyo company hiko hapo Airtel if I may ask

Kazi za call center huwa hivyo…mjamaa,get the experience then move…there are harder jobs huko nje kama hiyo ya mjengo unaambiwa…jaribu ya mjengo siku tatu,utaona kule uko maisha ni much better

Maliza contract na udai recommendation letter

contract ni ya three months pekee. Feb hadi April. May niko jobless tena

I think young people need serious career guidance and counseling. Shida yako ni ulisomea course yenye iko over saturated. Didn’t you do your due diligence prior to embarking on the degree program? Heri ungefanya plumbing or become an electrical technician. Those guys never lack jobs. Quite frankly, your future as a HR professional is dim. HR kwanza ni course ya pretty bimbos, and I’m being measured with my comments! You need to pick a new field instead of wasting time tarmacking for a non existent, low wage job.

@vercetti19 hujaambiwa poa

Stop whining… That’s life, I used to work where I was earning 10,000… My bus fare was 6000 a month… I only had 4k left… Saa hizo naenda job 7-9…it was not easy and the boss wouldn’t let me breath.
You see, life is not a straight line, once you land something please do it and be resilient. People are out there looking for what you are complaining about.

hiyo ni Kencall ama Horizon?

Plus don be a mommas boy ati maisha ikiwa ngumu anakuambia u quit… I wouldn’t be where I am if ningekaa na wazae nikichill relatives waniunganishie hustle… Diamond hupitishwa kwa moto jameni

ouch! ashawaste 4yrs in campus.

Basi nenda kalipwe na hizo party zako…

What’s wrong with you?

Look for a job when you’re somewhere or leave and continue depending on your parents after all they’ve done for you.

Buda, mimi nilianza job mshande 18K, kazi kubeba crate za maziwa na box za cheese from 4 in the morning mpaka 7 in the evening, saa hio I was working in 54°C heat non-stop bila break, na nikavumilia, pia wewe jifunze kuvumilia, you’ll reap the rewards later in life.