JKL Sweep

Jeff ameambia Ekuru

“The constitutional threshold is 50%+1 vote Ekuru 50%+1 vote. Not 1% + 50 votes” :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

miguna anatoa masweep pale sidebar



Reminds of the 21"inch Akai color Tv… Was epic toon

Na pale NTV Sidebar , Miguna ameambia Larry Madowo that he will never come to his show again , akaambiwa hata asikuje tena . Alifukuzwa JKL , now Sidebar … soon itabaki Nairobi Diaries ndo watamkubali . :D:D:D


Miguna should go back to Canada (if they’ll take him back).

Miguna is a Kenyan Citizen. He at least fought for some of our freedoms. Thats how he ended up in Canada in the first place.

Hehe … they are behaving like some mofos here. Sijui who fits the MM bill, ama ni MM wetu hapa?

He took street hooliganism to the studio, he he. That’s the price for encouraging bad manners everywhere.

Ameharibu viewer ship, Jkl doesn’t trend nowadays so is sidebar without mm

Advocating for violence and blood-letting on air? Hapo Miguna went too far. The problem is, no major coalition wants him anymore.

Too loud mouthed

love him or hate him, he’s the best debater in vumbistsan.

To be fair he wasnt given a chance to finish his statement…its like you saying “today am going to kill my kid”! then Madowo interjects before you contextualizes it ati “dont you think killing your kid…”

Be as it may, Miguna went too far.

I’m sure these shows are the ones that he’s been eating from. He’s the only one without a job on that panel I’m sure yeye hupewa kafàfte ka fare.

Jeff had some low blows but Ekuru was on point. He made great arguments.

Not really. He is just loud.