JKIA-US Flight Audit

2 KENYA Airways crew arrested with narcotic substances at JKIA; suspects seized 15 minutes to their take-off to Cotonou, Benin. .

That was fast,

Damn! Ata wao?

Hawa lazima walikuwa in cahoots with someone on the other end. Balaa

It has been happening for a while.

It happens. even those diplomatic boxes carry a lot of illegal shit. Remember the case of the Venezuelan ambassador?

Rumored hata ule jamaa wa betting alipata seed capital hivyo :rolleyes:

Where’s the story?

And the guy above, that is a rumour that you should stop peddling.

US inaingilia wapi?

The US Authorities were at JKIA for the audit

Kama ni China, tungewasahau, huko apana tambua

with afghanistan as a stronghold for drug farms(224000 hectares) why do you think there’s U.S interest there besides donkeys and stoned mujahideen.they supply 90% of the worlds heroin worth 68mbirrion a year

A friend of a friend when I was in campus was a cabin crew. Alikua anatuletea sinyore from different countries for sampling. Ya Ghana ilikua chonjo sana

Not true. He had to sell his prime residential plot (shingo upande) in order to raise his 6% share of capital

This is true. Afghanistan is the global raw material source.

He must be laughing now…

Who are you guys talking about?