JKIA Security Checks....

Hawa watu hawachezi, they’re doing some serious security checks just before you drive into the airport, the cops first check every part of the car manually, then your vehicle is directed to the “X-ray” scanner (last time I saw one was in Afghanistan used by the US marines) and all passengers are directed to get checked with the hand held scanner. The gova is taking no chances, I’m impressed.

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Was also impressed. But it caught me unawares and I nearly missed my flight this week

very impressive

I am also impressed.
But i wonder why there is no much emphasis on security on the Eastern by pass side of the airport’s runway. On that stretch the planes are very much exposed to terrorist attack(God Forbid) as they taxi the runway after landing or during take-off. I normally see a single soldier manning the entire stretch from a watch tower but i don’t think that’s enough.
They should at least raise the ground or construct a wall so that the runway view is blocked…

Iyo eastern side si kuna AP camp na Army barracks?

Obvious hiyo kelele itatokea.

Boss, there are APs in full camouflage lying in that grass you see there. Try stop your moti anywhere near the fence and linger, you will see guys guys walking up to you seemingly from nowhere.


na ulihesabu wangapi wakilala kwa nyasi in camouflage?

you are one very skeptical nigga

Well he’s right. Remember those useless cctv cameras in CBD and the ever dark lights on Thika rd?

What do you mean nobody mans them? You expect there will come a time you will go to JKIA express bila being stopped by security?

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you are one very skeptical nigga
[/QUOTE Hakuna karao atakaa mahali hakuna bribe.[/QUOTE]

I pass by that stretch every day and trucks and personal cars can be found stalled. There is usually no AP or soldiers on site. .camouflage? I know the meaning of this word but I don’t think it’s applied here.
Mombasa road side ndo kunakuanga na hizo.

Yes I know the government neglects stuff once it spoils. But this is JKIA. Using your reasoning, do you think the scanner at the unit entrance door and the one immediately after immigration can be neglected?

enhee na napeleka boiz wangu saa moja

Am not a service man but this is my reasoning. The weapon that can down a plane easily is an RPG. The RPG has a range of around 1KM.
When taking off, by the time the plane is reaching that eastern by pass road, it will have achieved more than 1km in altitude. So RPG cannot be used to down it.

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They are both sides of northern bypass. Plus there is a fair amount of distance between the fence and any runway from that road

I started by a caveat that am not a service man. What I meant was a weapon like the one used in 2002 that nearly brought down an Israeli plane in coast

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