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North Korea vows to ‘pull the trigger’ and attack the US after its ‘reckless remarks’
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The US is making its decision despite the two nations arranging a third summit (Image: GETTY)
NORTH KOREA has launched a stunning attack on the US, claiming it “will not hesitate to pull a muscle-flexing trigger” if required to defend itself.
PUBLISHED: 01:39, Thu, Jun 27, 2019
UPDATED: 07:29, Thu, Jun 27, 2019
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The warning comes amid continual criticism from Washington over certain North Korean policies, with the US considering whether to place sanctions on leader Kim Jong Un’s nation. The US is making its decision despite the two nations arranging a third summit to advance nuclear talks. According to Newsweek, Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) savaged “an unusual move of the US whereby it gets ever more undisguised in its hostility towards” North Korea.

In an article, KCNA also referenced “reckless remarks” made by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

He told a conference that "some 80-plus percent of the North Korean economy is sanctioned”.

But KCNA said “the question is whether the US target is to raise it up to 100 percent" because Washington wanted to “bring us to our knees by means of sanctions and pressure”.

It added: “Our state is not a country that will surrender to the US sanctions, nor are we a country which the US could attack whenever it desires to do so.

“If anyone dares to trample over our sovereignty and the right to existence, we will not hesitate to pull a muscle-flexing trigger in order to defend ourselves.”

The agency’s comments come as a third of respondents to a US survey revealed that they supported a nuclear strike on North Korea.

Compiled by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists in collaboration with YouGov, the opinion poll surveyed that over a third of the US public supported a nuclear strike on the state.

Moreover, despite knowing the nuclear strike would kill one million people, US public opinion remained unchanged between a conventional missile attack and a nuclear one.

That 1/3 of the US pubic that, like Drumpf, couldn’t point out Pyongyang on a map with just the Koreas on it.

hehehe their handlers wameshtuka kabisa. Trump crossed the border and walked into N.Korea shait