Jioni mbaya sacco... He's dead!!

He knew he was going to die and he didn’t want us to witness it. Shit!he was so cute…he was golden brown with white patches… My cat is gone :frowning:

I remember in the morning he would come to my room and wake me up. He cried to wake me up and if I didn’t hear his cry he would jump on my bed and pick on me.
I still remember when he was born. He was soo tiny and now he’s gone :(:frowning:

The last time I saw him was yesterday in the morning. I have looked for him everywhere only to find him dead. Shit!

This got me crying :(:frowning:

Hii ni upaka umepost mamii.


I loved my cat yoh… No one wants you here

@Purr_27 anasema nini?

Weka tailands ama utoke apo inje kidogo

Who died? A shepart?

Rodent toka hapa , the situation is under control ,tulia.

Was it his time ama It was cut short by disease ? Have a heart. A decent burial will help in healing. Pole sana

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Hii jina rodent is funny omwami

He ate some poison… The vet said nothing can be done

Pole . Any pics of him ? I like cats for some reasons.

Nyamazeni kum… pussy yake amekufa.

He knows where it came from na sio ktalk:D:D:D

Will inbox you some… Apparently some peeps can’t understand what am going through :mad:

Wachana na huyu future kakamega senator,he ain’t worth your time.

Nakuona what you want to do afande.

Next time buy him a condom.

Pole dear. Why didn’t you tell me earlier?